Online Launch Party & Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Text Me, Cupid ~ M. Jane Colette #textmecupid #newrelease #holidayromance

Posted 3 December, 2018 by Brandee @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Blog Tour, Reviews / 9 Comments

Online Launch Party & Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Text Me, Cupid ~ M. Jane Colette #textmecupid #newrelease #holidayromance

*I received a free copy of Text Me Cupid from Selfpublished via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Online Launch Party & Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Text Me, Cupid ~ M. Jane Colette #textmecupid #newrelease #holidayromanceText Me Cupid by M. Jane Colette
Published by Selfpublished on 3 December 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
Pages: 364
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Holiday stress has never been this hot.

Meet Florence: I’ve done this before, looking for a partner or soul mate or someone-to-grow-to-love, and you know what? I’m done with that. Honestly. I’m just looking for some casual sex. All I’m interested in is a one-night stand, or several—not all of them with you. Just making it clear that I’m interested in playing with multiple partners. I don’t want to get attached and I don’t want you to get attached.

Meet Will: I’m reeling from a recent divorce and incapable of having a meaningful relationship, possibly even a meaningful conversation. The only upside to my situation is that after fifteen years of monogamy I get to chase all the strange I want.

He’s freshly divorced and in denial. She's twice-burnt and prickly. They’re a terrible idea. They know this. But every time their eyes meet, their clothes come off. Still—they’re not going to fall in love. They are not.

Not even if this one night stand has 365 days.

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M. Jane Colette has a steamy (very steamy) rom-com releasing just in time for the holidays! To celebrate, she’s sharing with us a short video, your choice of an NSFW (so dirty) or Cleanish (it is M. Jane Colette, so it’s as clean as she could manage–it was hard) excerpt, and a chance to win a PRINT copy of Text Me, Cupid. Check it out:

Text Me, Cupid
a (slightly) dirty love story for 21st century adults who don’t believe in true love… but want it anyway
by M. Jane Colette
Genres: contemporary romance, romantic comedy, steamy (occasionally filthy)


Here’s M. Jane Colette reading a semi-steamy (but still safe for YouTube and Facebook) excerpt from Text Me, Cupid:

Prefer to read?



Price: $3.99 US (ebook), $14.99 US (paperback), $9.99-$19.99 (audiobook)



M. Jane Colette writes tragedy for those who like to laugh, comedy for the melancholy, and erotica for people who like their fantasies real. She believes rules and hearts were made to be broken; ditto the constraints of genres. Her novels include Tell Me, Consequences (of defensive adultery), and the award-winning rom-com Cherry Pie Cure.



Click here to enter on RAFFLECOPTER by December 16, 2018 to win a signed PRINT copy of


M. Jane Colette will ship anywhere in the world (because she’s crazy)



“I couldn’t stop reading this! The waiting, the need, the want, the desire… the story is a rollercoaster and I love it. Will and Florence are so vivid on the page, I was in agony with them from the start.” Alyssa Linn Palmer, author of Midnight at the Orpheus and Le Chat Rouge series

“No one does angst, family drama, hilarity, joy and eroticism better than M. Jane Colette!” DIANA SOBOLEWSKI, author of The Desire & Luxury Wine Series, (on Messy Christmas, Episode 1 of Text Me, Cupid)

“Text Me, Cupid was the first story I’d read by M. Jane Colette, and I love her fresh, taut style. Every word, every sentence counts. It’s smart and sexy. I can’t wait to read the rest!” Michelle Orloff, GoodReads + ARC Review of Delayed Valentine, Episode 2 of Text Me, Cupid

“M. Jane Colette writes complicated relationship dynamics into story lines that keep you off balance but leave you smiling in the end.” Verified Purchase Review, Delayed Valentine, Episode 2 of Text Me, Cupid

“She spotlights those less than perfect relationships; often the source of hilarity in this author’s work. M. Jane Colette has a unique writing style. At least it’s unique to me. She believes in short sentences and sparse dialogue. Don’t worry, you will not be short changed in any respect. You’ll visualize and experience everything you’re meant to, including the angst, the joy, the funny bits and all of the eroticism. This author doesn’t succeed despite her minimalist approach. She succeeds because of it. M. Jane Colette has mastered doing more with less.” Verified Purchase Review, (on Messy Christmas, Episode 1 of Text Me, Cupid)

“M. Jane Colette knows how to write characters.” Caught Between The Pages (on Consequences)

“I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sexy, intelligent, complicated, and fascinating read about relationships that are as complex and difficult and wonderful and confusing as most relationships usually are.” Grey Matter (on Tell Me)

“This book is a cure for divorce, depression, loneliness, boredom, you name it. Laugh-out-loud funny from the first page!” Holly Owen, Alberta Romance Writers’ Association (on Cherry Pie Cure)

“Warning: You may breakout in spontaneous laughter, develop cravings for baked goods and become a life-long devotee of the author!” Carrie Austin Reviews (on Cherry Pie Cure)


Price: $3.99 US (ebook), $14.99 US (paperback), $9.99-$19.99 (audiobook)

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Welcome to another Blogger Wife Chat Review 🙂 Today, we are reviewing Text Me, Cupid by M. Jane Colette. We met her during RT in Atlanta in 2017, and she was so much fun! Of course, that’s part of the reason why we agreed straight away to read and review her new release when she reached out to us this fall. And I, for one am very happy we agreed – what a fun, hot romp between the pages! Some more serious themes were brought up, too, and I think it was refreshing the way Ms. Colette dealt with those.

I’m thrilled we eagerly agreed to read and review her as well, wifey! Text Me, Cupid was fun and steamy and uniquely dealt with some more serious themes. I laughed, I got teary, I needed ice water. 😉 And I now want to read all her work! 🙂


What did you think of Will and Florence’s first meeting? I was both laughing and cringing to be honest! It was fun, but I felt so very bad for will because of the way Florence brushed him off.

It was an interesting first meet, for sure. I mean, they’d set the stage – both of them – by setting their boundaries. And for her part, Florence was very serious about her boundaries. But I did think she was a bit insensitive with Will. At the time, it seemed uncalled for but as we got to know her better, it made more sense.


Did you think Will was going to be quite as persistent as he was? I thought for sure that Text Me, Cupid would not go in the direction it went, but oh, how I enjoyed it. The fact that we got parts from both of their perspectives worked well for me, too.

No, I didn’t figure he’d be so persistent. I thought it’d be too much work just to mend his pride but his actions certainly conveyed a lot about him. I also enjoyed the direction the story took, at Will’s insistence. 😉 And I adored getting both Will’s and Florence’s perspectives. It enabled me to get to know them well, even before we got their entire histories.


Were you able to guess the reasons behind Florence’s reluctance to have more than a one-night-stand? I definitely didn’t. I thought she was just at a time in her life when she wanted to have fun, not start something more serious with anyone.

No, I didn’t guess. I, too, thought it was just a difficult time of year or time in her life where she didn’t want to commit to more than a night. And there’s nothing wrong with that but coming to understand that there was more to it than what I’d thought made me appreciate and admire Florence all the more.


Did you love the other characters as much as I did? I mean, Santokh was awesome, but so were Rosie, Niko and Florence’s mother. They brought so much texture to the story, and I loved that there was such a diverse cast that was close to the protagonists.

Omigosh! I so loved the other characters. Florence’s mother, Martha, cracked me up. And I love the solidity and solidarity of the friendships Rosie, Niko, and Santokh offered both Florence and Will. The secondary cast added so much depth to Florence and Will as well as to the story overall. And the fact they were so diverse was a delight!


I loved the name of the dating app, too – not sure if it exists for real, but I found the name to be very original, and also very on point. What did you think about that? Or the fact that Will and Florence met thanks to the app?

ha! It was a cute name and I have no idea if it’s real either but I thought it was unique. And on point. 😉 The name felt more – I don’t know the right word – but apropos, I suppose. I love that the app name delivered for Will and Florence and I liked that they met over an app. That seems very realistic for this day and time.


What did you think of the writing? I loved that there were so many dialogues, and I also enjoyed the chapters from either Will’s or Florence’s point of view. The way especially Florence held back and kept a lot of her inner thoughts very close to the vest.

I found Colette’s writing to be very readable and the story very relatable. Her humor shone but she also evoked a lot of other emotions in me. And she made me think as there were some more serious themes discussed. I liked that the importance of family and friends was a theme as well. And yes, I liked how Florence and Will, to a lesser degree, kept their inner thoughts to themselves. That conveyed well the insecurities and fears they had regarding a relationship.


Now that we have read our first M. Jane Colette novel, do you want to go back through her previously released books and binge-read? I know I want to do that! I was in awe.

I’m kicking myself for not having read her sooner, wifey, so YES I want to binge on her backlist. Let’s schedule that soon! 🙂




Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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9 responses to “Online Launch Party & Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Text Me, Cupid ~ M. Jane Colette #textmecupid #newrelease #holidayromance

  1. Neat how you both met her, enjoyed her as a person and then had a good time with her book. Sounds like a tough situation that she balanced with some heat and humor. Fun reading your thoughts on it, ladies!

  2. Thank you very much for being part of the Text Me, Cupid celebrations, and for your thoughtful review! So, OkCupid is a real dating app. Isn’t the name perfect? I use online dating, blogging, texting, and sexting in my work a lot… cause, you know. It’s 2018. 🙂

    To answer one of the readers; comments… I once arranged a one-night stand through OKC that lasted… 2.5 years. They weren’t Will and I wasn’t Florence, but ultimately, everything is source material. It is dangerous to date a writer.

    • The name is totally perfect, I love it! And good for you using some parts of a real experience to make your story so relatable and realistic 🙂 I have only been on dates with my husband for the past very many years, so I have no idea how dating apps work 🙂 I’m glad they can be useful to many, though!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! 🙂

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