#COYER Review: Mad About You – Joan Kilby

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#COYER Review: Mad About You – Joan KilbyMad About You by Joan Kilby
Published by Entangled Publishing on 31 March 2014
Genres: Adult, Chick-lit, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 142
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

3 Stars

Accountant Cassy Morris knows she’s putting her heart on the line when she agrees to move in with her best friend, multi-millionaire geek Scott Thornton while she manages his nanotechnology lab and finds an angel investor for his revolutionary new product. She’s loved him forever even though he’s only ever regarded her as a friend. But Cassy never could refuse Scott anything...

When Scott is named Seattle’s sexiest man, the attention from women threatens to get in the way of him finishing his pet project and putting it on the market. Cassy steps up once again and pretends to be his fiancé. A lifetime of repressed sexual tension explodes in a passionate affair. Soon Scott is wondering how he can convince Cassy to turn their fake engagement into reality...

*I received a free ARC of Mad About You from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*

Mad About You has one of the tropes I enjoy the most in contemporary romances – the friends to lovers trope. Cassy and Scott have been friends since they were kids, best friends, even, and that shows in their early interactions of the story. However, as they both start to admit to their feelings – if only to themselves – their relationship becomes a little stilted and weird.

Of course, there is plenty of fun and hotness in Mad About You, but I never really got all that attached to the characters, and that made me a little sad, especially because I love this kind of story, but it won’t work as well for me if I don’t ‘feel’ the characters properly. Scott gets Cassy to leave her home and her business to help him get his little software company from the tiny league to the huge, international league with a new invention he’s been working on for a decade. And she really enjoys a new challenge, especially because one of the things he asks her to help him with is to run interference with women who want to get him out on a date.

Mad About You is a short, quick read, though, and I wouldn’t mind trying other books by this author, because apart from my lack of connection with the characters, it was an enjoyable read, and the writing is really good. The side characters are well done, and I do like to read about sexy geeks and funny girl-friends who will do anything to make sure the man their heart desires will take notice of them. However, I didn’t feel like I got to know neither Scott nor Cassy very well, apart from the fact that they were secretly in love with each other, and Scott loved both mountain biking and his company, there wasn’t too much substance.

If you want a quick read that will make you smile, though, you should still pick up Mad About You, it’s only $0.99 for kindle!

She’d gotten over her crush on him long ago but even so, she could appreciate his rare combination of science-geek brains with rockstar good looks and a lean, muscled body honed by mountain biking.

His folded arms strained the back of his shirt across his broad shoulders. He stood with his long legs spread, narrow black jeans hugging a muscular butt and thighs. Cassy dragged her glance away from his sexy ass to the top of his head.

It was true. As she gazed at him, so gorgeous and smart and strong – so caring – she suddenly realized why she hadn’t made the effort to see more of him. It was hard to be around him, just being friends but wanting more and knowing it was never going to happen.

“We could pass for a couple.” “I guess.” Cassy forgot to breathe. Scott standing so close, with his hard body pressing into her side, sent tingles over, through, and around her, like a rising spiral of cartoon sparkles in some damn Disney movie.

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8 responses to “#COYER Review: Mad About You – Joan Kilby

    • I think one of the main reasons I enjoy the friends to lovers theme is because then the characters already have history, so the romance doesn’t feel rushed 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Brandi.

    • I still want to believe guys and girls can really just be friends! (Because I have several guy friends, and eeew! we’re really just friends)
      I think I love the trope because they already love each other as friends, they have something in common, and then, something happens and the relationship evolves.

      Thanks for stopping by, Esty 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t even think about the fact about characters vs world building, you are absolutely right, Braine! I will try some other of her novels for sure, because the writing was good, and even if I was a little strict with my stars, I still enjoyed it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I did enjoy the story overall, Brandee, and it’s definitely worth a read!
      Thanks for stopping by, my dear *BIG HUGS*

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