Review: Fire Inside (Chaos #2) – Kristen Ashley

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Fire Inside (Chaos #2) – Kristen Ashley
4 Stars

Lanie Heron isn't looking for love-no surprise, considering her last serious relationship nearly got her killed. So when Lanie propositions Hop Kincaid, all she wants is one wild night with the hot-as-hell biker who patrols with the Chaos Motorcycle Club . . .

For Hop, Lanie has always been untouchable. She's too polished and too classy for his taste. But when she gives Hop the once-over with her bedroom eyes and offers him a night in paradise, he can't say no. And he doesn't regret it when he finds that Lanie is the best thing that's ever happened to him-in or out of bed. Now the trick will be to convince her of that.

*I received a free ARC of Fire Inside from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Netgalley in exhange of an honest review*

Fire Inside is a hot story, and at the very beginning, I was wondering if maybe it was actually *gasp* too hot for me. It starts out very strong, with Hop and Lainie being very  hot and heavy! And while I truly enjoy some steamy scenes, it was a little shocking to have such an opening scene of the story. It also took a little while before there was more to the plot than Lainie and Hop having sex, and since I hadn’t met either of them before, it was a little bit awkward.

However, as I continued to read, I realized that there is more to Fire Inside than that, there is a real story, with characters that are well fleshed out and the plot must have started in the first book in the series, because some points seemed to have been included for readers like me – who had not read Own the Wind. The hardcore motorcycle club, Chaos, where Hop works and plays, is like a family both for its members and their friends. This is why Lainie feels so comfortable there.

Fire Inside has Lainie as the main character, but Hop is a very close second. Told from Lainie’s point of view, the story is in first person past tense, and as I got to know her better, I could definitely understand the reasons why she was so skittish, and why sex with a man she felt safe with was important to her. It did take her a long time to actually open up, though, both to herself, to Hop and to her best friend.

With what Lainie has been through in the past, it is understandable that she is having a hard time to actually count on anyone, at the same time, I wished she would have at least been able to be honest with herself about things, even without Hop trying to help her open her eyes and see that not everything in the world hinged on her own past, and her bad decisions. Fire Inside did bring Lainie a lot of introspection, though, and she grew a backbone both when it came to herself and to the people who had not treated her right.

As strong as Lainie showed she could be when it came to her work, I was happy for her when she finally managed to be strong when it came to her personal life as well. And who can honestly turn down a character like Hop? Strong, seemingly inscrutable on the outside, with his tattoos, his motorcycle, his mustache and his bad-boy swagger – while on the inside there was a beautiful heart, a smart head and lots of love to share with the right person.

What could I say? I wasn’t blind. It wasn’t like I didn’t know God had been generous with me. It wasn’t like I didn’t appreciate it. But with every blessing, there was also a curse and my curse was that I was a dick magnet.

But I’d never seen anything like what Tyra had with Tack. I’d never seen a woman get that from a man. I’d never seen the naturalness, the ease of what she gave back. I’d never seen a man and a woman able to be just who they were and yet make it so plain to each other and anyone watching they appreciated what they had more than anything.

And it was the best I ever had. Every time with Hop seemed like new. And every time with Hop was a new best.

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12 responses to “Review: Fire Inside (Chaos #2) – Kristen Ashley

  1. Great Review Friend 🙂 I remember how I was a little surprised by the explicit sex scenes in this story myself. Eventually, I adjusted, and really enjoyed the storyline. I was happy with Lainie’s character growth in this story as well. I loved Hop too! I started with the first book in the series, and it did have a lot of Hop and Laine in it as well. I hope you had a great Monday!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape recently posted: Blog Tour: Dazed by Kim Karr
    • I don’t think it was so much that the sex scenes were explicit, more that the story started out with an explicit sex scene, and I (because I hadn’t read the first book in the series) didn’t know the characters yet.
      Just knowing that Lainie and Hop are in the first book in this series makes me want to read that one more!
      Thanks for stopping by, Lindy!

    • LOL Brandi! I think I was a little shocked by the very beginning, but it seems that might not have happened if I had read the first book in the series before I read this one.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    • I haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy, actually. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do – I have my go-to shows. I have heard really great things about SoA, though, and I’ve seen some pictures fo those guys… ’nuff said 😉

      Thanks for stopping by, Braine.

  2. This series is on my tbr, Lexxie, especially after reading Rock Chick. And I suppose Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan, too. 🙂 I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it despite maybe missing a few things with starting at book 2? I have to tell you that I giggled over ‘*gasp* too hot’ for you?!? Too funny, my friend. Lainie and Hop sound pretty great…Hop in particular. That last sentence you wrote about him… *swoon*

    Excellent review!! *BIG HUGS*

  3. LOL, I know, right, I was actually shocked to feel that way! But I’m sure you’re right, if I had already known Hop and Lainie, I probably would have loved that hot start of their story 😀

    I’m gonna read the first book pretty soon – wanna buddy-read?

    Thanks for stopping by, my dear *BIG HUGS*

  4. Oh, Lexxie! What this your first Kristen Ashley? She is one of my all-time favorite writers (as in not just indie writers which most of her books are). Her publisher changed a lot of the essential Kristen Ashley-ness of her books, but the fact that you liked this one, and are down with hardcore alpha MCs is promising. You should really give her Rock Chick series a try, or failing that her Dream Man series (which is where Chaos MC first makes an appearance!). Here’s hoping you’ll soon be a fellow KA convert 😉 *crosses fingers*

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted: Review: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  5. Yes, it is my first Kristen Ashley. I loved Hop so much I bought the first Chaos book (though I haven’t had a chance to read it yet) and I believe I have the Rock Chick series on my TBR, too.
    I think I’m already half-converted, Jessica 😀 I can’t wait to read more of her books.

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