Up Close and (un)Conventional #16 – Epilogue or Not?

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Up Close and (un)Conventional

Up Close and (un)Conventional #16

Welcome my Up Close and (un)Conventional, this is where I discuss both things that have to do with reading and blogging, and things that just have to do with life in general. This week, I’m wondering a bit about epilogues. I personally, feel like epilogues can be pretty good, but more often than not, I actually think a story can do even better without one.

Epilogues are often set after the end of a story, as a way to bring it, the characters, and even the readers complete closure. I appreciate the feeling behind an epilogue, for sure, a little something to soothe me after a favorite series has ended, for example. However, I find that epilogues bring something cheesy to a story that I don’t enjoy as much as I could. As an example, I’ll use one of my all time favorite urban fantasy series, The Hollows. I was lucky enough to receive and ARC of The Witch with no Name, and I loved it! Absolutely and completely loved it. The epilogue was not in the ARC, however, so on release day, I promptly bought my own copy of the book, because yeah, I’m curious. I could have done without the epilogue completely, in this case, though. Yes, it showed the future of my favorite kick-ass heroine, but it wasn’t at all necessary. The story was complete in my mind when I read the last line of my ARC. The only epilogues I hunger for are those in JA Huss books… because they show a glimpse of something that may still come.

I actually can’t think of a single time where I thought the epilogue actually brought me something fantastic that was needed in order to finish off a story or series perfectly. If you have any good examples of epilogues, please let me know!

What do you think? Are epilogues necessary? Sometimes, maybe?

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14 responses to “Up Close and (un)Conventional #16 – Epilogue or Not?

  1. In most books I read so far I liked the epilogue. It often gives that last emotional punch. Although there are certainly different degrees in which I enjoy them. There have been epilogues which didn’t add much, but also epilogues that really add something to the story and make for a great ending.

    Often an epilogue serves to give them a look at their happy ending and sometimes it’s a bit cheesy, but I honesty don’t mind too much. I prefer slightly longer epilogues that gives us a feel where they are in their lives now and what’s going on.
    I recently read an amazing epilogue in a dystopia series, it wrapped up the loose ends and gave an idea of what the characters lives are like now and even showed the side characters. It was long enough and left me with a happy feeling. So in general I would say I like epilogues, they give a bit of closure and are a nice way to end a book. Although in some books there are unecessary.

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    • With JA Huss books, there is definitely one last emotional punch with the epilogue, Lola. But I think that in some other books I’ve read with epilogues, they kind of fell flat for me, and so I would have been perfectly happy without it, and ended up a tiny bit frustrated with ti.
      And you actually put your finger on a reason why I may not always enjoy epilogues, because after a series has ended, I am quite happy to have a loose end or two, so that when I think of the characters, I can imagine how they continue living in their fictional world. If I have an epilogue that ties everything up, I can’t really do that anymore…

  2. Great post. For myself it depends on the story, there are times when I feel that its needed and its good to see something more at the end of the book to end it with a happy note. But there are other times when its not needed. but the times I have liked it has been mostly in historical romances, in contemporary or paranormal I don’t feel its done right. And as a side note I love love love your blog, purple is great theme color, and what a snappy header, it has class. Will have to explore a round for a bit. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Renee, and for your thoughts on epilogues 🙂

      I agree that it really depends on the story, and I think it also has a lot to do with the execution. And I’m sure a lot of readers would not agree on when they are good and when they are not so good, too.

  3. Well, it depends on the story. If it was a story packed with punch, action, emotion, even angst, I may need something soothing and/or funny to get back into the real world, to make a transition. However, I agree, they often are cheesy, something I’m not keen to read. I don’t care how they get married, I don’t care they’re having babies, hell, I’ve lived that too and I want to read about something else ! In French, we say “happy people have no stories”, so reading about people already happy can be dull. But bring in the fun, or show me what could happen next and I’m on it !

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  4. I think most books can do without an epilogue. Some, as you mentioned, are cheesy. Most don’t add anything to the story and I’ve read a few that detracted from the book. I’ve read a few epilogues that I liked but most could easily be deleted.

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