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Review: Wicked Bite – Rebecca ZanettiWicked Bite Series: Realm Enforcers #4
on 1 August 2017
Pages: 298
5 Stars

As she hunts for a drug lord killing her fellow witches, all Nessa Lansa’s instincts point to the Grizzly motorcycle club. That might be because their leader, Bear, is the strong, silent shifter type: warm brown eyes and more muscle and alpha male than any woman can ignore. Which makes Nessa’s plan to seduce and betray him all the more dangerous . . .
Bear doesn’t trust the curvy, blue-eyed witch. But Nessa can heal the injuries that sap his strength. And since he can’t stop thinking of her lush body and teasing smile, her plan to mate him to reclaim her own power is highly tempting. Just one problem. Once a desire this wild is loose, no one will ever control it . .

Wicked Bite packed an even bigger punch than the four prior books in the Realm Enforcers series! Action, fights and betrayal that made my head spin.

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I was happy to get a book where Nessa and Bear were the main characters, but I hadn’t really counted on Nessa actually going undercover. She seemed young and a bit inexperienced in the prior book, but she was very far from it. Bear was still suffering from changing too many times in the prior story, and it appeared as if his life might be in danger.

There chemistry between Nessa and Bear was very strong. But neither of them really trusted the other. Wicked Bite involved a lot of the plot that has been the red thread throughout the series, and so, Bear’s reluctance to trust was easy to understand.

Wicked Bite is packed with action, fights, intrigue and betrayal. And for once, I did not see anything coming! I was blown away completely. There was so much danger everywhere, and if this was a movie, I think I’d have gotten a whiplash from watching the action unfold.


Nessa seemed like a neat, put-together woman. And she appeared a bit out of place in the woods. There was so much more to her than what met the eye at first sight, though.
Bear was no less grumpy in Wicked Bite than he was before, but I got to understand more about where that grumpiness came from.
Both the demon horde and some vampires were present, as well as the bear pack Bear cared for.

Writing style :

Wicked Bite is written in third person, past tense, with an external narrator. Nessa and Bear are the characters we follow the most closely, which makes some reveals real surprises.

Feels :

So many feels! Happiness, love, hope, despair, fright, anger – can you think of any more? I’m pretty sure those feels were included as well.

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

What would it be like to really belong with a male like him – if he was a good guy? He didn’t kiss like a good guy, and that’s why the kiss had been so incredible.

Probably true in the witch world. Damn witches. “You took advantage of a friend.” “Aye. Id’ take advantage of any friend in order to save you, my brother.” A fierceness echoed in the words. “So deal with it.” “I’m trying to deal with it,” he growled back. “But you sent a woman who looks like Jackie O, fights like Jackie Chan and has more secrets than Jackie Fiddleton.”

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  1. I’ve got the first 2 books in this series. Been dying to get started. I’ve sampled her writing and I know I’m going to love this series. And I love when the story and characters bring out those feels!

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