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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Lady Luck – Kristen AshleyLady Luck Series: Colorado Mountain #3
on 22 October 2011
Pages: 535
5 Stars

Is love in the cards?
Since birth, Lexie Berry has had nothing but bad luck. Orphaned at an early age, she had a rough childhood and a boyfriend who was murdered. Now the beautiful, stylish Lexie is determined to change her luck and her life. But first she's got to make good on a promise: to pick up Ty Walker from prison. One look at the gorgeous ex-convict and Lexie knows she's in trouble-and already thinking about taking a walk on the wild side . . .
For five years, Ty was imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Now he wants revenge on the people who framed him. Yet when the high-stakes poker player sees the leggy Lexie, he suddenly has other desires on his mind. Realizing that Ty is innocent, Lexie tries to stop his plan for vengeance and help him become a better man. But as Ty battles his inner demons, dirty cops and criminals plot to take him out. Can he and Lexie find a way to escape the past?

Lady Luck was more tender than the other stories in this series, both Ty and Lexie had been through hell, and it wasn’t over by a long shot.

Review - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The beginning of Lady Luck showed me straight away that this was going to be a quite unconventional romance! Lexie and Ty were strangers, but somehow, Lexie had been persuaded to pick up Ty when he left prison after several year on the inside where he served time for murder. And she was to drive him wherever he wanted to go. Little did she know that Ty had planned to marry the woman whom he had arranged for to pick him up. And his first stop after prison was Las Vegas. Not exactly your everyday falling in love story, right? Strangely, though, Ty and Lexi just might be my favorite Colorado Mountain couple… Which is to say that they really touched me deeply, and their development throughout the story worked very well for me.

Several of the characters from the two first books in the series showed up in Lady Luck, and it was really great to see how enthusiastic everybody was to have Ty back in town. Everybody, that is, apart from the police. They would have been quite happy to have him stay far, far away from Carnal. Even if they were a bit calmed by the fact that he brought a beautiful new wife back home with him. The corruption in the police department seems to have no end, and as what had really happened before Ty was sent to prison for a crime he didn’t commit came to light, it became clear that both he and Lexie were in great danger.

The mystery and suspense had an added aspect, too, because part of it happened in Carnal, while another part happened in Lexie’s hometown. The romance in Lady Luck made me swoon so hard, because Lexie was definitely a strong woman, one who had been through hell, but still managed to hope and see the good in people. Ty, on the other hand, started out hell-bent on revenge. Spending time with Lexie, and thinking there might be more to their relationship than a marriage of convenience made him more open to the future and to hope as well – up to a certain point. Something happened, though, that threatened to make everything fall apart for both of them, and my heart broke in so many pieces I still haven’t found them all.

Written in third person point of view, changing between Ty’s and Lexie’s perspectives, and in past tense, Lady Luck also has some truly excellent dialogues, and the story overall just has everything a good romantic suspense should have!

Fave Quotes - (un)Conventional Bookviews

“Keys,” he repeated. My eyes went back to his beautiful ones. “But… it’s my car.” “Keys,” he said again, same rumble, same tone, no impatience, no nothing, and I got the sense he’d stand there all day fencing me in and repeating that word until I complied.

But I wondered why Ty Walker chose Liberace. I didn’t think he got a kick out of it because, as far as I could tell, he had no sense of humor… or any emotion, really. It was likely because it was the first wedding chapel we happened upon so he swung the Charger in.

“Got good friends,” he murmured. I nodded again because he did. He had good friends. The kind of friends you didn’t just get. The kind of friends you earned. And I didn’t know what to do with that either.

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16 responses to “Review: Lady Luck – Kristen Ashley

  1. You are really having a great experience with this series and I’m glad. I love reading how much you love it because I think I’ll love it to when I get the chance at it. 🙂

    Now that’s quite the start for their romance.

  2. LOL I’m laughing at that quote about Ty’s lack of a sense of humor! So, this became my favorite CM couple and story as well, Lexxie. But I’m wondering if you’ve changed your mind having read more of the series? This particular story has stayed with me. And reading your review made me want to re-read it. You’re having that affect on me! 😉 But I just love this series. I think it’s lack of zaniness – that element I think the RC series has – made this series niggle in deeper. Whatever the reason, I’m over the moon for this series and I’m so happy I could help you fall for it as well. 😀
    Happy Wednesday, wifey! I hope it’s been a good day. Love you & miss you!! {{{BIG HUGS}}}

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: Brandee's Bookish Babble #30 ~ Kindle vs Nook
    • I haven’t changed my mind yet, Brandee, but I also haven’t finished the series yet 🙂 This story just had even more of the tight friendships and I loved the way the men stuck together to protect their own. I also really loved Lexie 😀
      I have become quite obsessed with KA thanks to you… I kind of want to leave all the other books behind 😀

    • This series is amazing, Carole! I love that the characters are mature, and that they have lived through some stuff before their story start here. And the friendships and the small-town feel to the stories are so well done, too. Of course, the romance is totally toe-curling, so that’s yet another plus 😀

  3. oh this one sounds so wonderful….I just love this author the more I read from her. I do believe I have this on my list but haven’t much looked into this book quite yet. That needs to change NOW!!! Great review, i just love the way this author write romance.

    • You should definitely change that, Renee. I love KA, and have become slightly obsessed with her stories. I kind of want to get them all in signed paperbacks now 😀 You are right, too, her writing is really good, the romance so strong!

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