Weekend Wrap-up #315

Posted 31 May, 2020 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Reviews / 19 Comments

I am not doing a ‘normal’ weekend wrap-up post today. I hesitated to even have a post up at all. But I can’t stay silent and still be an ally. I can’t stay silent and still be anti-racist.

Last week broke me. From across the ocean, and even though I’m white, it broke me. I can’t even begin to imagine how last week broke Black people in the USA. Seeing George Floyd being murdered by a white police man filmed by passersby who tried to stop it is the single most violent and callous thing I have seen.

If you want to help the protesters, there are various ways to donate money, both to bail-out funds and to help with other things that are needed these days.

If as me, you live far away, and you know you still need to educate yourself – there’s this great list of books we can read and learn from The Accidental Bookclub Resources.

To all of those out protesting now, please stay safe. Please stay healthy. Please stay strong.

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

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Linda is an English as foreign language teacher and has a Master's degree in English Language and Literature. She's an avid reader, blogger, compulsive one-clicker and a genre omnivore. Ever since she learnt how to read she has been seen with a book or two in her hands everywhere she goes.

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19 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #315

  1. It is heart breaking, I just don’t get it. What makes people hate POC so much that they can so easily take their lives. I am hoping all that is happening will finally open people’s eyes and there will be change.

  2. I hear you. After I posted my Sunday Post I saw some of the developments Friday night and on Saturday, includng protests close to me and some pretty nasty stuff that happened. I’m a couple of hours from Detroit where things got heated and then last night protests erupted in my town as well. I’ve been debating how to address it on my blog. As someone who had a run- in with police once (and I’m white) I can’t imagine what it’s like to be black in America and just be constantly harassed/ treated as a second class citizen. It’s so sad to me how messed up this country is- it’s 2020 and feels like we’ve made NO progress. Very disheartening.

    Anyway thank you speaking out. We all need to. Be well this week.

    • I totally get it, Greg. And I just couldn’t decide if I was going to post nothing, or post this. I think it’s important that white people speak up as well, even if I’m far from the US. And you’re right about the fact that it feels like there’s been no progress.
      Stay safe and healthy.

  3. I am horrified by all the violence and name-calling and divisional political partisans. I am also afraid it will get much worse before it gets better. We all need to focus on being kind and helping each other.

    Stay safe and well!

    Anne – Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  4. We live in disgusting times, and here in the US, we have a so-called leader who is more likely to turn away, unaffected by it all.

    I hope you stay safe and well, and thanks for the book resources.

  5. It broke me as well, wifey. This quote resonated with me:

    “Hatred and fear blind us. We no longer see each other. We only see the faces of monsters, and that gives us the courage to destroy each other.”
    -Thich Nhat Hanh

    I’m praying for peace and hopeful for healing. We need change NOW because, as I saw on a protester’s sign, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

  6. Lorna

    It was already such a sad time in America before this atrocity happened. Now it’s sadder and scary. I feel so inadequate. I was thinking if I was still able to walk farther then a 100 feet without sitting I might have gone to a peaceful protest. I know in my younger years I definitely would have. Now with the violence it just sickens me. I’ve watched very little other than the news for days. I’m so worried about everything. Sleep has been hit or miss too. I hope we can get through this. I actually read a post on FB tonight from a Republican that said she wouldn’t really mind a civil war all that much so she could live with people that agreed with her. Also that Democrats were to blame for all of this. I just can’t. Sorry for unloading on you. I’m upset.

  7. Jen

    Thank you for sharing and not keeping silent. I appreciate your words and hope that there is a change in this country. There’s been so much going on this year, it’s just so hard to keep my head held high, but I will for my family and loved ones. Things need to change, and they need to happen now. It’s sad that it had to come to this for it to finally be spoken about and heard, but I’m thankful for those who are standing up to all the injustice and fighting the good fight. Praying for everyone’s safety.

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