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Weekend Wrap-up is where I share my new books, as well as what happened here at (un)Conventional Bookviews and elsewhere in the blogoshpere. I’m linking up with the usual suspects, AKA Team Tynga’s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer.

STS / BB&B - (un)Conventional bookviews

STS #244

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality is all about the latest additions to my library – virtual or actual, with books that are  bought, borrowed, won or ARCs  I will (probably) be reading soon. Without further ado, here’s what I added to my bloated shelves this past week:

ARCs Recieved - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Bought Borrowed and Bagged Stacking the Shelves

Children of the Forgotten Gods cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

This is a YA paranormal urban fantasy novel with a little dash of romance, and it’s Kennedy Daly’s debut novel. I already read it, and I loved it!!

Driven to Distraction cover- (unIConventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

I made the street-team for Lori Foster this week, and received this gem that I can’t wait to read. It’s the first in a new series 🙂

Purchased - (un)Conventional Bookviews bought borrowed and bagged stacking the shelves

Jane Doe cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-upBlind Kiss cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-upBoy Toy cover - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

Killer Instinct series - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up

I got the whole Killer Instinct series by Elle Kennedy… and I’ve already read four of these gems (there are 8 in all) SO good!

Won - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up

Respect cover - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-upJay Crownover did a giveaway on her Facebook page for her new release, and I won! YAY!
The Sunday Post - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The Sunday Post #194 – Weekend Wrap-up

Kim @ The Caffeinated Reviewer, is our hostess with the mostest for the weekly Sunday Post where I’m wrapping things up. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.


This happened on the blog – but you might have missed it… Brandee and I got married! Which is why we have a new URL, and a new header. And we have a giveaway that’s still going strong. Make sure you enter, as there are two rafflecopters, one for international peeps and one for US peeps. You can be the lucky winner of a signed copy of Rock F*ck Club #1 by Michelle Mankin.
There’s also a giveaway on the Facebook pages : Lexxie’s and Brandee’s – those are for Rock F*ckClub #2

I was in Norway this past week, to spend time with my mom, my sister, and my new niece (plus my other niece and nephew, of course;) ) It was so nice to spend some quality time with my family now that my summer holiday is coming to an end very soon.

This Week’s Puppies in Action:

Hercules and Freddy play - (un)Conventional Bookworms - Weekend Wrap-up
Hercules and Freddy playing with #3

This Week's Posts - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up

This Week's Reviews - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up


Did you get some good books last week? What have you been up to this past week? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome!

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

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61 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #244 – All New

    • You should pick it up, Angelica. I think release date is August 21st, and I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of action, and the mythology really worked well for me as well. Plus, YA UF stories are not that easy to get by, you’re right about that.
      Have a great weekend yourself!

  1. Oh nice! Noticed the header and the blog merger! That’s cool!! Hope you two will be very happy blogging together!!

    Nice new reads too! New to me ones but I hope you love them all!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

    • She’s five months now… but that’s still kind of new, right? I love babies so much 😀
      We have awesome weather now – it’s much cooler than it was a few weeks ago, so now we can enjoy the sun again. Have a great weekend Ailyn.

    • Thank you Tanya 🙂 I’m so very excited about that! I read all her books anyway, but now I know I’ll get them before they release.

      Uh oh… Carlino usually makes me cry quite a bit – so I guess I need to be ready for that as well, yeah?

  2. I love the new banner and name you ladies came up with.

    Yay for making Lori Foster’s Street Team and being able to slip in a family visit before you’re back to work with the kids.

    Very nice haul with your purchases and wins. I’ve read five of the Killer Instincts (out of order) and loved the ones I got.

    Have a great week, Lexxie and Brandee!

  3. Did I miss something? Did you get another dog?#3? I reviewed Blind Kiss on Delighted Reader this week. I hope you like it-the reviews are all over the place. It was 4 stars for me.
    Norway? I’ve been watching so many NetFlix movies that take place there and Sweden. And then I had my DNA done and I’m almost a quarter Scandinavian(mostly Norway-doing my family tree) and now I would love to visit.

    • No, #3 is child #3… 😀 Only two dogs still.
      Oh how cool that you’ve had your DNA done! You should definitely go for a visit. I have family in Michigan – my great-grand-mother’s sister emigrated in the early 1900. When I was 16 or 17, she, her son, her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren came for a visit. I’m still in touch with those that are still around. It’s nice.

  4. Congrats on the successful merge!! I love sharing my blog with my co-pilot — I hope you guys love it just as much!! LOVE the new header!

  5. Heeeeeellloooo!! I love Elle Kennedy, too, but I’ve never heard of that series. I should check it out! The puppies’ butts are adorbs, as always! And that is so cool I know someone who actually won a FB contest on an author’s page! I love Jay Crownover and it looks like she changed her series’ cover style. I like it a bit better that the older ones. I met her at RAGT, as I’m SURE you’ve met her, too 😉

    Off to buy “Boy Toy”!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation in the motherland!!!

  6. Children of the Forgotten Gods looks awesome! Glad you had a great time in Norway, Lexxie. I can’t believe summer is winding down so fast!

    It’s nice that Hercules and freddy are such pals now. 🙂

    • It was really good, Greg 🙂 Original, and with characters that really hooked me from the beginning.
      I agree – summer is almost over already – and while I’m certainly happy it’s not so hot anymore, I would like to have this nice weather for a bit longer 🙂

  7. I cannot lie, Children of the Forgotten Gods looks like it’s going to be so good. I am definitely adding it to my TBR for sure. Ooh, and congrats on getting married! 🙂

  8. So very happy for you and brandee! I am excited to see what you ladies have planned for the blog. I need to get Berls back to blogging so we can do some stuff together since we really haven’t done that yet. Except challenges because you know us! 😉

    Enjoy your trip and I can’t believe summer went by so fast. I am looking forward to the routine again but not getting up early. 🙂

    Those PUPPIES! I just love them! <3

    Have a wonderful week my friend! Miss you Lots! Happy Reading! ox

  9. I love the cute new header! Congrats! That Lori Foster book looks good. I’m reading a stack of Harlequin Intrigue books right now and addicted to them. Just finished some by Delores Fossen, Lena Diaz, and Barb Han and started one by Cynthia Eden. Got some historical and holiday ones too. LOL The pups look like they’re having fun:)

  10. Lorna

    I was born in Michigan and one of my Norway ancestors ended up in my little town there. I lived there until I was 6. But visited and still have family there. Doing my family tree on Ancestry has been so fascinating. That’s so great that she and her family were able to come and visit!

  11. You are having all kinds of great things. I love the new blog looks. I also love babies and Norway! My dad’s side is all Norwegian. You got some great books. I’ve read the whole Killer Instincts by Elle Kennedy and enjoyed them. Who doesn’t love puppies!?!?! Anne – Books of My Heart

    Anne recently posted: Series on Saturday: Space Opera
    • I know 🙂 It’s been a great year so far 🙂 Babies are just so nice to be around. My niece is very calm, smiles, and enjoys all our hugs – so it was really nice to spend some time with her.
      I’ve finished the Killer Instincts series now, and I have no idea what I’ll read next.
      Thanks for stopping by Anne!

  12. Jane Doe looks intriguining, definitely a book I should check out.

    Glad to hear you had a lovely time in Norway with your family and I love the picture of the pups, as always! Actually, I think when the Sunday posts come out yours I am the most excited for because I want to see what the dogs are doing, ha ha!

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