Weekend Wrap-up #234 – Warm, Flowery, and Nice

Posted 21 April, 2018 by Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Memes, Wrap-up Posts / 74 Comments

Weekend Wrap-up is where I share my new books, as well as what happened here at (un)Conventional Bookviews and elsewhere in the blogoshpere. I’m linking up with the usual suspects, AKA Team Tynga’s Reviews and Caffeinated Reviewer.

STS / BB&B - (un)Conventional bookviews

STS #234

Stacking The Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality is all about the latest additions to my library – virtual or actual, with books that are  bought, borrowed, won or ARCs  I will (probably) be reading soon. Without further ado, here’s what I added to my bloated shelves this past week:

After several weeks of HUGE stacks of new books – I got nothing this week. Are you proud of me?

The Sunday Post - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The Sunday Post #184 – Weekend Wrap-up

Kim @ The Caffeinated Reviewer, is our hostess with the mostest for the weekly Sunday Post where I’m wrapping things up. It is the perfect opportunity to share what happened here on my own blog, as well as some of the happenings elsewhere in the Blogosphere.


We’ve had gorgeous weather this whole week, and it’s supposed to stay nice for the weekend, too. It’s nice to see the sun every day, and our trees change daily now. More flowers, colors, and beauty abounds in nature.

It was a bit busy at work, but not too much. I read some great books, and have to say the week was a good one.

This Week’s Puppies in Action:

Freddy - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-up
Freddy is smelling the flowers
Hercules - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Weekend Wrap-up
Hercules is smiling 🙂

This Week's Posts - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up

This Week's Reviews - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up


Elsewhere Blogosphere - (un)Conventional Bookviews - Sunday post wrap-up

JJ @ This Dark Material discusses Required School Readings, and it’s a very interesting post!

The Orangutan Librarian shares which contemporary books Might Become Classics in the future.

Did you get some good books last week? What have you been up to this past week? Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, and that next week will be filled with awesome!

Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

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74 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up #234 – Warm, Flowery, and Nice

  1. No books? Opportunity to catch up on some. 🙂

    Spring has sprung for you, yay. We’re still a little chilly for colors and green, but getting there.

    Glad the week was good and hope the weekend is, too. 🙂

  2. It’s finally getting nice here too, although still a bit cool. But the sun has been out and I’ll take it! Glad your weather has been nice too. And ooh looks like you’re giving the Illuminae books 5 stars. Yay! That was a fun series. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m kinda sad this week had warm weather because next week friday I’m going on a little vacation to the coast for 5 days and the weather isn’t going to me as good. Damn. xD

  4. No new books?! I thought I scrolled too fast for a minute! Lol! No new books is always nice for the TBR pile!

    Glad you’re having good weather. Ours is still back and forth lately. I envy your good weather! 😉

    My STS will be up tomorrow so stop by then if you can!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  5. Your pups are so cute! And well done on the week of no new books! You’re the second person I’ve seen this weekend that has pulled that off. I’ve been finding it kind of difficult lately, lol.

    I hope you enjoy your week!

  6. Your furbabies are adorable, I have 3 now, my 14 year old sadly passed away only 3 weeks ago and we still miss her daily, she’s the one that had the most personality of the lot.

    I’m going to check out your Illuminae files reviews, I’m just about to do the same, going to re-read Illuminae and following by book 2 and 3. Do you re-read books when the last of a book or the next book comes out?

    Angelica @ Paperback Princess

  7. Vee @ Under The Mountain

    I wish I knew what our weather was doing, it keeps either raining or threatening to inbetween so much sun I’m sporting some pretty noticable sunburn. Today we’re going to take our small human to an indoor bouncy castle warehouse thing as it seems like a safe bet! Plus, I can sit and read…

    Vee @ Under The Mountain

  8. Happy to see Spring has arrived for someone! So many seem to still be waiting (not so patiently at this point). You had some great reads this past week too! Hope this continues into the next for you 🙂

  9. Nice to see the puppies enjoying the flowers. I hope to see them soon. I hope to read The Study of Seduction this week. Just started the series. Have a great week.

  10. Thank you for mentioning my post! I know I owe your comment a reply, but I want to go ahead and say that I loved hearing a teacher’s perspective on assigned reading 🙂

    I’m happy to hear you’ve gotten good weather this week. I love watching the trees and flowers bloom this time of year, even though it means hot weather is on the way. We have a dogwood in the backyard that looks absolutely gorgeous for about a week and I’m always sad to see the blossoms go. I hope you and the pups got to enjoy lots of fun time outside this weekend! 🙂

    JJ @ This Dark Material recently posted: sunday post #15
  11. *high five* *fist bump* I’m SOOOO proud of you! Honestly, I’m impressed as well. 😉 Did you not have internet?!? Haha Happy you enjoyed the weather and some good books. 😉
    {{{BIG HUGS}}} & LOVE!!!

  12. RO

    Always wonderful to see the puppies, and glad the weather has been so wonderful. Wow! No books at all? That’s sort of a shocker.(lol) Perfect way to catch up on the ones you have. Hope your week continues to be wonderful! Hugs…RO

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