Top Ten Tuesday #18 – Most Intimidating Books

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Top Ten Tuesday (un)Conventional Bookviews

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Most Intimidating Books

This week on Top Ten Tuesday we are discussing the books that intimidate us the most. It can be a book that is intimidating because it has a lot of pages, or because most people we know loved it, and we’re not so sure we will, or it can be in a genre we don’t usually read, but would kind of like to anyway. Top Ten Tuesdays is a fun meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, where we share our excitement for books, and I really like how this meme makes me think about the books I read, why I read them, and who to recommend my favorite reads to. So, here we go, as usual, my list is in no particular order :

Harry Potter - (un)Conventional Bookviews The whole Harry Potter series intimidates me a lot! It’s exactly the kind of book I usually love, but I didn’t get to these books when they were released, and I have seen the movies (not all, mind you) and I do own them all. I’m just afraid I won’t completely love them, so it’s kind of better to just keep them on my TBR for now, because at least for now I have the anticipation.




Song of Ice and Fire - (un)Conventional BookviewsA Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin, because hey! Look at the size of those books! They’re humongous! The first book is 814 pages, the second 761 pages and so on. I have heard both good and not so good things about these books, and I have to admit I’m really curious – but the SIZE!







The Queen of the Damned - (un)Conventional BookviewsThe Queen of the Damned (The Vampire Chronicles #3) and the rest of the books in Anne Rice’s famous series… I loved the first two books, and I own all the others, but since I’ve taken a long break from these books now, I’m kind of afraid to start them again – what if I don’t love them as much as I loved Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat? That would just be sad.







Hädström - (un)Conventional BookviewsCamilla Läckberg’s Patrick Häström / Fjällbacka series. I own this whole series as well, and I started reading the first book, which has a slow start… I love Swedish authors, and this is one I want to love, but I’m not sure if I can. Does that make any sense at all?






The Dark Tower - (un)Conventional Bookviews

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King intimidates me a lot! I used to love Stephen King novels when I was younger – I loved the way I was scared to the point of being almost terrorized while reading! I don’t really anymore, and I need my beauty-sleep a lot more now than I did before 😀 I still kind of sort of want to read this though, even if I’m sure it will give me nightmares!



The Odyssey - (un)Conventional BookviewsThe Illiad - (un)Conventional BookviewsThe Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer – and here, I feel intimidated because I am afraid it will be too philosophical or ‘elevated’ for me to understand. At the same time, I really would like to read both tomes, because the beginning of literature may well come from Homer.

That is all for me this week, I don’t have ten places on my list, but there really are more than ten books on here anyway.

What about you? Are there books that intimidate you? Why is that? Please do share 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a terrific Tuesday and happy reading.

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0 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #18 – Most Intimidating Books

  1. I loved HP and I think it’s one of those series everyone should read at some point. I get your perspective though since I have the same thought for some of my intimidating books.

    I tried George R.R. Martin’s series and couldn’t get into them. I figure I’ll never read them simply because it was so hard for me to get about 150 pages into the first one. I hope you have better luck.

    Tsuki’s TTT

    Tsuki @ Tsuki's Books recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday--Ten Most Intimidating Books
    • I think I will love HP as well, and I know I’ll read the whole series… One day 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Tsuki 🙂

  2. A Song of Fire and Ice are on mine too! I think I’m fine with just watching the tv show, lol. Stephen King is also on mine but for different reasons. (I’m too much of a coward to get into horror).

    Jelly recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday #5
    • Oh, that’s exactly what I mean with Stephen King, Jelly. I get too scared now, although I used to love it…

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I LOVED Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, and absolutely LOATHED every book Rice came out with after that. I kept thinking it was like she had started to believe her own publicity and her books got more and more full of “purple prose”.
    The George R R Martin books are mindblowingly fantastic. I read the first one when it first came out – what, 20 odd years ago now?? – and have read them all. Finished them before the tv series. I’m actually on my third re-read of them. LOL

    • OH that’s funny about the Rice books! I just have this feeling, you know?

      I think the GRRM books will appeal to me, but some of them are HUGE!

      Thanks for stopping by Jaki 🙂

    • LOL I was so happy when I realized I wasn’t the only one who hasn’t read Harry Potter – and that there are even other readers who are intimidated by that series 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Daisy!

  4. Hi! Wow!
    1) Harry Potter – I loved boththe books and the movies. As with most books that become movies, the movies only skim the surface of what is really there textually. Side stories, characters, depth, full scenes were cut, and in one case Harry’s entire outlook was switched. Though, not nearly as bad as say comparing True Blood to Sookie. Approach with carefree abandon, not dread, and I think you’ll be okay.

    2) You’re skipping the Game of Thrones series because of size? I have one word for you…Outlander. 😉

    3) The Iliad and The Oddyssy – LOVED them! Not elevated at all. Fabulous action and craftsmanship. Plus these have been paralleled and parodied in so many movies and TV shows they may even end up feeling comfortable. With those, “So that’s where that comes from” moments.

    I do understand where you are coming from. My own list of daunting title include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Atlas Shrugged, and The Historian (among others).

    Happy reading

    Xyra recently posted: Refreshing Sweet Tea
    • LOL I know what you man about Harry Potter, but it’s maybe also a little bit because I don’t have any friends who can read it (for the first time) with me? I don’t know.

      Games of Throne vs Outlander… I actually had no idea how many pages Outlander was until I had finished it – Kindle books don’t always have page numbers 😛 that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

      But really! The Historian? It’s excellent – if I read HP, you have to read the Historian, OK?

      Thanks for stopping by Xyra *hugs*

      • Game on! I’ll read the Historian if you read Harry Potter.

        [Admits have no desire to read Game of Thrones series. Especially as I have not gotten through the Outlander series…yet.]

        Xyra recently posted: Refreshing Sweet Tea
        • We need to find more books for you, though! How many books are in the HP series? the Historian is only one book 😉 Maybe you need to continue the Outlander series…

        • But the first three are puny and the Historian is pretty big. However, I’d be inclined to throw Outlander book 3 (or am I at 4) in the mix.

          Xyra recently posted: Saige & Molly
  5. Song of Ice and Fire series is one of my most intimidating, too! I am also intimidated by classic literature like Jane Austen and Fyodor Dostoevsky. I had to start reading ‘Crime and Punishment’ for a class a couple of semesters ago, made it 100 pages in and was like “IT’S TOO MUCH!”

    • Jane Austin, I actually kind of ike, never read any Fyodor Dostoevsky, though…

      Thanks for stopping by Courtney 🙂

  6. Great picks! I don’t think you have anything to worry about with HP. I don’t see how anyone can NOT like them. The very way they’re written is delightfully magical. 😀 I love A Song of Fire and Ice, but the writing is a bit hard to get into, so I understand where criticism for the series comes from. Once you fall in love with the stories and characters, though, you just can’t stop. I read a book by Anne Rice–not a vampire one–and absolutely hated it. I haven’t picked her up since, though I suppose I ought to try out her vampire chronicles. 😀 Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    My TTT

    • I think I’ll enjoy HP as well, it’s just that I kind of know everything because I’ve more or less watched the movies with my kids… Also, I know the first book is about very young characters.

      Thanks for stopping by to motivate me, Liesel!

      Happy reading 🙂

  7. The Dark Tower series would make my list as well. I haven’t read a ton of King, some I’ve liked, some I haven’t so much… so the series that’s considered his magnum opus is, yes, extremely intimidating.

    Charleen recently posted: A Brief Hiatus
    • Stephen King used to make me scared in a good way – now, he just scares me 🙂

      Thanks for stoping by Charleen!

    • I’m not sure if the TV show is on air here, but I have heard about it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Kendra.

  8. Lexxie you should read the Harry Potter books on audio. They are fantastic. I’m a huge fan of Stephen King but I couldn’t get into his Dark Tower books. I tried three of them before throwing in the towel. I even attempted to read them on audio and could not stay focused for the life of me. As for Game of Thrones? Well, that’s on my list today for the same reason you put it there. I may try to find them on audio because if I attempt to read them they will take up all of my reading time for a year or more 🙂

    Laurie @ Fetch Me My Fainting Couch recently posted: Top Ten Most Intimidating Books
    • I already own all the HP books on my kindle, so I think I’ll try to read them. If I have trouble getting into them, I’ll check them out of audible, though.

      I’m so glad Game of Thrones is not only on my list this week!

      Thanks for stopping by Laurie 🙂

  9. I agree with some of these books on your list. I have read Harry Potter, Song of Ice and Fire and the Dark Tower series. I finally just did a re-read of the Potter books but still want to do a re-read of the other books I listed but am intimidated to even re-read them. The Dark Tower series isn’t really a horror series… it is more of an Epic fantasy to me.


    • Really? Stephen King has written something that won’t scare me to death?

      Thanks for stopping by Angie!

  10. Aussie Bookworm just did her villain of villains on Akasha from Queen of the Damned. I bet you’ll love it! I’m right there with you as far as Game of Thrones go. And I haven’t read the Harry Potter books either. I hoped to save them to read for the first time with my oldest, but he’s more interested in superheros, but I think my youngest will love them! I can’t wait.

    Happy reading, Lexxie!!

    • I have the HP books in French for my youngest, and I was able to find the audiobooks in French for him as well, for the first four books. I really want to read them in English, though.

      Thanks for stopping by Robyn!

  11. JennS

    I have Lord of the Rings on my list probably for the same reasons you have HP on yours. Will definitely get to it someday! I didn’t love Song of Ice and Fire so I have been putting off the 2nd book. They are huge and there are so many different characters at times I felt like I should be keeping notes. A couple that intimidate me are the bible and anything by James Joyce. I have tried to read the bible several times but always seem to nod off after a few pages. Also tried only The Dubliners by Joyce and my mind kept wandering so I decided to put that back on the TBR. Someday I would like to read Finnegan’s Wake. Someday…:)

    • I have started Lord of the Rings several times, and I thought I needed to keep notes of characters as well. If Song of Ice and Fire is the same, I might have a lot of trouble with it.

      I haven’t read anything by James Joyce, I might, though, one of the English professors at my uni is a specialist on Joyce.

      Thanks for stopping by Jenn 🙂

  12. Kristine

    You HAVE to read the Harry Potter books – although I understand your hesitation I’m sure you’ll love them. I feel the same way about Lord of the Rings.

    • Kristine!!! I know, and I will read them all, I already bought them so… one day. I need to find something to have you read at the same time!

      Klemmer!!! Thanks for stopping by!

    • No, I haven’t read Crime and Punishment… Should I?

      It’s kind of strange to feel so intimidated by books, but at the same time, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

      Thanks for stopping by Brandee 🙂

    • LOL, except Harry Potter, eh? I will let you know if I aver dare to start Game of Throne 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Andi!

  13. I have a half-dozen classics sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read. I worry that I won’t ‘get it’ or be able to analyze every single word choice the way I was taught in college. I think I just need to hit my booklist with a non-literary mindset. I have The Old Man and the Sea, The Bluest Eye, The Three Musketeers, and The Caterbury Tales all collecting dust.

    Nickie Anderson recently posted: Indie Monday: Wombat Sushi
    • I love the Canterbury Tales! They are actually fun and quite raunchy, too! I think I suffer from the same problem as you, in Uni, we have to analyze everything, think of word choice, a certain way to characterize someone etc. I try to be a little bit more into the story and not in analytical mode when I read for fun, though it’s not always possible to let go of it.

      Thanks for stopping by Nickie 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, yes! 1000 pages :O and at the same time, once I start reading and like a book, I don’t really mind. Especially if I read on my kindle.

  14. Oh yeah, great picks Lexxie – a lot of these are definitely intimidating! The Fire & Ice Series intimidates me a lot too, definitely a factor in me not having read any of them yet! Oh and ditto for me on the Dark Tower Series, I know I’d love it, but I also happen to be a big scaredy cat…who also likes to sleep almost as much as a cat >.< So yeah nightmares from the genius of Mr. King make the series SUPER intimidating!

    And I can see the HP book series being intimidating too, it's a BIG series with a lot of devoted fans O.O The first two books are a bit young-ish too so some people give up after attempting the first book LOL Anyways if you enjoyed some of the movies, I feel like you'd like the books more – as a big fan, the films always left me let down, even frustrated at times.

    Anyways, I hope you'll bite the bullet and try all of these soon 😀

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows recently posted: Cover Madness Giveaway
    • I am sure I’ll love HP as well, but you know, what if I don’t? Every single reader I know love Harry, so maybe I’ll have to read the books without adding them to Goodreads 😀

      Exactly, that’s my biggest problem with the Dark Tower Series, too – I get so much more scared now than I did before, and I don’t want nightmares.

      Thanks for stopping by Micheline!

    • YAY I’m not alone 🙂 Too funny, Lyn – it’s because that series is loved by everybody I know – can you imagine if they all know I’m reading it? And if there is something I don’t like?

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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