The Time Weaver – Thomas A. Knight

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The Time Weaver – Thomas A. KnightThe Time Weaver by Thomas A. Knight
Series: The Time Weaver Chronicles #1
Published by DragonWing Publishing on 31 January 2012
Genres: Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 306
Source: Manic Readers
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4 Stars

The Time Weaver starts with Seth's birthday, a time-rift and a change of worlds and time for him. Little by little Seth learns that he has a power to time travel, and he gets help from a dragon as well as from Malia, a young woman living in this other world. Seth thought his life was boring, with is job as a computer-programmer and no romance to talk of. All of this changes quickly when he is swept to a world where things work very differently from the one where he grew up.

*I received a free ARC of The Time Weaver from DragonWing Publishing via Manic Readers in exchange of an honest review*

This review of The Time Weaver was originally posted at Risque Reviews on July 6th 2012.

The Time Weaver grabbed me from the first line and hauled me inside a crazy world, on a wild ride! I have rarely felt so connected with the main character after just the first line, and I just had to turn the page, see what would happen next, and continue to be amazed. The words are wielded with the same sure elegance Seth learns his magic.

As Seth starts what he thinks is just a normal day, even if it is his birthday, things are set in motion in another world as he is identified as a time weaver. An army of monsters, led by a dark mage want him for their evil purposes, just as Marek, and old friend of his father’s want him to help fight for the people. As the first part fold out, we follow Seth on his adventure to another world, where he can use magic, and realizes he is very powerful. In the beginning, we also see what is happening on Earth, the fact that the military is making a serum with some of Malia’s and Seth’s blood found on the scene, and another rift as someone else shows up to steal the rest of the serum.

Seth and Malia travel far to find the kingdom of Findoor where Seth is needed. On the way, they meet Cedric the bard, who is helping them find their way a lot quicker than they would have on their own. The Narshuk army sends the elite guard to retrieve Seth, and the three travelers have to fight for their lives. Seth is already able to wield some of his magic, but Malia is badly hurt. Soon, they arrive in a village, and Cy, who stole the serum on Earth, is also trying to retrieve Seth. After Cy leaves alone Seth is able to heal Malia’s wounds, and his companions realize he is even more powerful than they thought in the beginning.

The whole story is very fast paced, with both beautiful and barred landscapes, amazing creatures, strong protagonists and secondary characters, and a lot of great battles. However, the end is a little rushed, and it feels more like the end of a first book in a series than the actual end. There are a lot of loose ends that are left hanging, and that made me feel confused as I realized this is the end.

All in all, a very enjoyable read, the writing is very good, with very good descriptions and extremely good world building. It has everything a good SF story should have, between the magic, the different worlds, monsters, creatures and fighting that kept me flipping the pages fast to always know what would happen next. I am hoping that there will be a continuation of this book, as I really want to know what will happen with Seth, Malia and the whole world they are trying to save.


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