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Safe and Sexy

Thinking of my romances and safe sex at the same time started when I wroteย my discussion post with the same name a long time ago! Not too long after, the idea of sharing quotes about that ensured that the feature Safe and Sexy was born. It’s where I will share a quote from a story I have read, and where there is a lot of hotness and sexiness, but where they still take the time to be safe! It’s important to me to read books that make me dream, but I also want them to be somewhat realistic. And to me, characters seem realistic when they take care of themselves and their partner(s)! Safe sex is a great way to do so, and when an author includes a couple of lines to share that they are indeed using condoms, I am such a happy reader. And I think it’s sexy when both new and ‘old’ lovers show that they respect each other by getting that condom, and possibly making using it both safe & sexy, hot and fun.

If you want to participate with your very own Safe and Sexy quotes, go right ahead. The more the merrier, and maybe your quote will help me add a new book to my bloated TBR shelf ๐Ÿ˜‰ One can never have enough books, right? Without further ado, here’s my Safe and Sexy quote for this week, it’s from Hard Sell by Lauren Layne.

My Safe and Sexy quote:

Matt’s hands and mouth gentle as I come down from my orgasm, his touch light and soothing.

I push myself to a seated position as he stands, even as my limbs feel heavy and sated.

I start to reach for him, but he gently grabs both hands. “You don’t have to.”

I frown in puzzlement. Matt’s always been a generous lover, but normally by now he’d be on top of me. Inside me.

He smiles and catches my chin. “I just meant that I wanted to do that. Not because I wanted anything in return. Because I wanted you.”

The words are a rush. “Noted. And appreciated. But don’t even think about being greedy, Mr. Cannon.” I reach for his belt buckle. “Because I want you, too.”

Matt’s eyes darken with desire, and together we shed his clothes in record time.

I mean to suggest we move to the bedroom, but he’s already lowering over me.

His hands are rough and needy as he pulls a condom from his wallet, then spreads my legs. His erection is hot and hard as he nudges me.

Matt lets out a groan and nips my shoulder before lifting his head and locking eyes with mine. “I need you. Now.”

I cup his face with my hands, spreading my legs wider in invitation.

His lips capture mine at the precise moment he thrusts inside me, and I gasp against his mouth.

“Damn you,” he whispers hoarsely. “Damn you for what you do to me.”

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