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Review: Worth the Wait – Lori FosterWorth the Wait Series: Guthrie Brothers #2
on 25 July 2017
Pages: 384
5 Stars

Ready or not…love will find a way
Single dad Hogan Guthrie is getting his life back on track, and working as the "barbecue master" at a local diner is just a temporary detour. He and restaurant owner Violet Shaw constantly butt heads…until one night they end up mingling other parts instead. Hogan thought he had the recipe for happiness all figured out. But loyal, carefree Violet is daring him to trust his impulses…and see just how sweet small-town living—and loving—can be.
Nathan Hawley traded his SWAT team credentials for a sheriff's badge, but a gorgeous new neighbor is shaking up his orderly life. Nathan has a hunch there's more to Brooklin Sweet than meets the eye—but given her caution about getting involved, he has his work cut out for him. Still, there's something about the elusive beauty Nathan can't walk away from—and helping her come to terms with her past might pave the way to the future they both secretly long for.

Worth the Wait bears its title very well! I loved this story, even though it followed one main couple, plus another couple who got less time allotted to them. The writing is so good, and there’s some well-timed suspense as well as the romance.

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Hogan had been through the wringer more than once, and Worth the Wait was really about how he was worth waiting for. Violet was attracted to Hogan, but she didn’t want to be just another notch on his bedpost. I was intrigued by Hogan when I first met him in Don’t Tempt Me, and his story was really good. He had quite a bit of thinking through his past to do, before he could completely open up to Violet and maybe start building a new relationship again.

Worth the Wait follows two couples, but Hogan and Violet are the main characters, while Nathan and Brooklin have a bit less time for their romance. The suspense parts of the story have to do with Brooklin, and it was interesting how she tried to shy away from everyone who wanted to become her friend. Once Violet broke through her barriers, though, there was no going back.

One of my favorite things about Worth the Wait was how great a father Hogan was, wanting to put his son’s needs before his own. Violet was great with him as well, understanding Colt’s need to be independent all the while needing a little bit of guidance every now and then. The interactions between the various characters were authentic, and I really enjoyed the banter, the friendship and the loyalty.

There was a little bit of intrigue as well, as Hogan’s female boss was doing her best to snag him – bordering on harassing him, she was. Violet totally put her in her place, though! The writing in Worth the Wait was really good, the third person past tense with plenty of dialogues allowed me a good overview, and at the same time get to know the characters fairly well.

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“I’ll walk you out,” she said. Short of telling her to go to hell, what could he do? Is this how women felt when being sexually harassed? No, for a woman it’d probably be worse. After all, Joni didn’t physically threaten him. She just annoyed the hell out of him.

Violet hadn’t slept as soundly as Hogan predicted she would. How could she when she kept thinking about him ‘taking care of himself?’ Oh, how she’d love to watch.

It was an amazing thing when a man so wonderful on the inside also had the perfect, very masculine wrapping on the outside.

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7 responses to “Review: Worth the Wait – Lori Foster

  1. I love Lori Foster, but the first book in this series really didn’t work for me. So I’m not sure about this one. I’m so glad you loved it, though.

  2. I’ve read a couple of her books and lied them. This one sounds like a good fit for my summer list. You mention focus was on two couple, the main ones and the secondary. I like that in a story. Gives me more characters to get to know. Especially if it’s a series and they pop up in later books.

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