Review: Panic (Rook and Ronin #3) – J.A. Huss

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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review: Panic (Rook and Ronin #3) – J.A. Huss
5 Stars

Rook is chasing her dream—film school and a chance at a life beyond the one she ran from six months ago. But before she can become the girl she wants to be, she must deal with the girl she left behind.

Ronin is also chasing his dream—a family of his own and a life away from erotic modeling. And he too, has a past he’s trying to forget. A past that makes Rook question everything about their life together.

Lies, secrets, and shocking truths will rock the foundation Rook and Ronin have built. Can they put the past behind them and move forward together? Or is this just another too good to be true relationship that will crash and burn in the end?

In Panic, Rook starts her new show with Spencer, and Ford is tagging along as usual. Being away from Ronin is not easy, but she can finally start film school, and she has other people she can count on as friends. Her tutor is showing her some strange newspaper articles as he tries to make her doubt all three men who have become so important to her. When an ex also shows up to tell her she has to talk to an FBI agent to save his mother, she realizes this may very well have something to do with her past, rather with the past of her friends.

Even I could feel the Panic at times while reading. Rook puts herself in an impossible situation to save both herself, Ronin and her other friends, and I was truly scared for her more than once! I was really happy to see her take charge of her own life once more, though, and I enjoyed how she made a decision to make things better, had a plan and then stuck with it. A fast-paced story, Panic also gives some closure to the guys who used to be best friends, and that showed me that they have grown since Tragic.

The writing is great, I was immersed in Rook’s world as soon as I started reading Panic, and as I said, I truly feared for her safety – even if I know very well she is only a character in a book! Ms. Huss knows how to spin a tale to make her readers obsessed with both the characters and the outcome of the plot, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the spin-off books from the Rook and Ronin series.

If you enjoy New Adult stories with drama, love, sexy and dangerous men, as well as a heroine who can take care of herself, but also enjoys to be cared for, Panic, and the whole series should be added to your book shelf as soon as possible. A quick read, full of tension and intricate plot-lines, Panic lived up to all my expectations.

 Clare. the first beautiful person I encountered the day Luck changed my life. The one girl who commands Ronin’s attention like no other. Not even me.

“I’m falling hard for you, Rook. I hope you know that.” I look up at this incredible man and I have no words for what I feel. I’m not falling for Ronin, I’m laid out flat on my face.

Ford and I have a lot in common and one of those things is denial. We do denial well. In fact, we’re exceptionally good at denial when we do it together.

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21 responses to “Review: Panic (Rook and Ronin #3) – J.A. Huss

    • Thanks Naomi! I just love this series so much. And I had to be careful in my review to not spoil anything… You’ll love Panic, too, I’m sure of it.

      Now, I’m so impatient to get some more Ford I can hardly sit down 😀

  1. If I remember it correctly, Rook was the one who paraded nude in front of the whole world, right? Hahahah. I hope that she didn’t pull the same stunt on this one because if she did, I really have to start worrying about her mental health.

    I am glad that this one didn’t lose it’s firepower and delivered all your expectations. Adding this series now to my TBR.

    Thanks for another great review.

    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens recently posted: Blogging Bloopers
    • No, no, she didn’t do her nude with body-paint thing in Panic, Charlotte. And hey, it was a job, right? This series is pretty intense.

      Thanks for stopping by, Charlotte 🙂

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you loved this series, Lexxie. I, too, loved watching Rook take charge in Panic – and seeing how they each grew in certain ways. *sigh* You asked me once if I was worried you wouldn’t like this and I think I was a bit…I don’t know why since we pretty much always seem to love the same things. But still…I felt a little pressure. 😉 Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t let you down. And I’m happy to have created another fangirl for Ms. Huss.

    Lovely review, as always! *HUGS*

    Bookworm Brandee recently posted: **Feature & Follow #38 ~ Blogging BFF**
    • LOL I’m sorry if I put pressure on you, Brandee. That was never my intention. And yes, you have created another fangirl 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. *HUGS*

  3. I read 1 and 2 and Panic has been on my mind. I just have to return to this series especially since Ford and Spencer have their stories. Mmm, Ford and Spencer. I’m glad you fell in love with this series. Rook stole my heart from the very beginning. Happy weekend, Lexxie!

    Robyn Jones recently posted: Think Out Loud [40] Sing!
    • Oh my goodness – I actually passed you in this series, Robyn? I agree, Ford and Spencer are YUMMY!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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