Review: Legacy (The Time Weaver Chronicles #2) – Thomas A. Knight

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Review: Legacy (The Time Weaver Chronicles #2) – Thomas A. KnightLegacy by Thomas A. Knight
Series: The Time Weaver Chronicles #2
Published by DragonWing Publishing on 1 March 2013
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 302
Source: Author
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4 Stars

Legacy happens in a different time, and for a while in the beginning, the main character, Krycin, has no idea who or where he is. As he regains his memory, he knows he has to save the world.The young wizard who found him on the shore is named Gladius. Most of the characters present in Legacy are already known to the readers, but the time is different from before.

*I received a free copy of Legacy directly from the author in exchange of an honest review*

Legacy starts with a bang, kind of. Krycin wakes up on the shore of an island, with no memory of who he is, what has happened to him or why he is on an island. The first person he meets is a young wizard who helps him out. The wizard is none other than Gladius. The two men become friends, even as Krycin is a little uneasy about some of the choices Gladius makes when it comes to magic and its’ usage.

As the beginning of Legacy was pretty intense, first with even the reader not knowing who the main character was – even if it was, of course possible to at least partly guess at that – then with Gladius and Krycin being sent away from the island when a servant of the Fates came to fetch Krycin without success. Their travels across the sea, the land and the mountains to reach Findoor was very well done. It was great to realize why Gladius had become such a power hungry man, and why he always felt the need to prove himself. The way he gathered his powers was truly ghastly, but it did make a lot of sense.

Then during the middle of the book, things slowed down tremendously, up until the point where it got a little harder to continue to read. This is why Legacy only got four stars from me instead of 5. There was a lot of talking and less action, and I actually had to motivate myself to keep going. Needless to say, the slow spell didn’t last very long, and I was soon again very happy to be reading and seeing where the story would go next. The writing is excellent, and apart form that little while in the middle, there is much more show than tell. Of course, some things need to be told – especially when we are dealing with a hero who is not in his normal time, and who has to piece together information in order to understand what he is doing where he is right now.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the fact that the readers learned a lot more about the other inhabitants of this world – there aren’t only humans and Lyceians present, there are also the Fioraden and the Narshuks, as well as Dragons! The world building is expertly done, in the way a fantasy world has to be in order for it to make sense to the readers. The fact that the world is so complex actually makes it seem more legitimate – because the real world is complex as well. There are layers upon layers of scenery, people and languages that helps the reader navigate through an unknown world.

As we get to know more about Krycin, we realize that we know him, and the way he acts is very realistic. Between self-doubt and power, he strives to do the right thing in all situations, even when things look so bleak anyone else would have given up completely. Krycin keeps his wits, though, and the way he manages to come into some spectacular powers towards the very end made me feel hopeful that he might be able to save the universe after all.

If you haven’t started The Time Weaver Chronicles yet, you should run and get your copy of The Time Weaver and get to it! Fantasy fans will love this series, the main characters are very well done, and the action is packed very tightly!

There are several great quotes I could use in my review of Legacy, but this one stands out to me :

“Come now, Krycin. Nobody is trying to tell you what you can and can’t do.”

Being a huge Lost fan – I had to pick this one, it made me think of Locke 🙂


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