Review: Inferno (Chronicles of Nick #4) – Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Review: Inferno (Chronicles of Nick #4) – Sherrilyn Kenyon
4 Stars

Nick is 16, has passed his drivers licence (but hasn't been allowed by his mom to actually get it yet) and has just found out some things he wishes he didn't have to know!

Kody and Cal are at odds with each other, and Nick is miserable, at least until Casey shows her interest in him - an interest Nick can't help but feel might be faked.

Bryn is fighting against the bullies in school, and her heartfelt words help Nick in some of his darker moments.

Inferno is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Nick series, and it brought the whole story back on track for me. I wasn’t all that happy with Infamous, because that felt too much like a filler than an actual novel to me. With Inferno, though, my love for Nick and the whole Dark Hunter world made sense again, even if I’m still not completely happy with the time-travel aspect of the story. Yes, yes, I know, it’s fiction, and time travel cannot even happen in the real world. But still, most stories that deal with time travel follow some time/space continuum rules, that are not followed in the Chronicles of Nick, and it confuses me!

In Inferno, Nick is dealing with the aftermath of Grim’s machinations, and what he learned about Nekoda during Infamous. When he breaks up with Kody, both Nick and she are very unhappy, and Nick, as usual, beats himself up about hurting her feelings. Survival instinct is stronger than his heart at that time, though, and I can completely understand him.

I loved Ash in Inferno, he finally shared a little bit of his past with Nick, and I think this is something Nick really needs in his life. Someone who confides in him and shows his trust in him is extremely important, especially as Nick’s powers continue to grow. I do wish Nick trusted his own instincts a little bit more, though, because when Casey comes to pick him up at work, his guts are telling him not to get into her car, but he still does. Although Nick’s trusting nature is one of the things I really like about him, in his world, trust should be earned, and he should know better than to let his instincts scream at him and continue doing what he was doing anyway.

What really fascinated me in Inferno is the new layers of villains that were introduced, and I loved learning more about Kody and who she is. It was very touching the way she is thinking about Nick, that he can still be saved, and that she will make sure not to take a life because of what the person living that life might or might not do in the future. Caleb also shared some of his secrets – albeit unwillingly – with Nick, and I want to know even more about him as well.

When both Ambrose and Nick are caught unaware, Nick is able to make some very sound choices, and I hope that this will help the whole world in the future of the Chronicles of Nick. Some of the characters surprised me a lot towards the end of Inferno, especially one who did something I could have never seen coming! I did not at all like the ending, though, between confusing me, and making me think things could really be the way they appear in the epilogue is yet another reason I am not too fond of time travel that happens the way it does in this series.

All in all, I am a very content reader, though. It felt good to have Nick back, with a story where a lot of things happened, both story-wise and character-wise. And where other characters got to unveil themselves more than in the past as well. I am impatiently waiting for Illusion to come out in March 2014 – I hope it will be as interesting as it seems like it could be!

Yeah, okay, she really was seriously hot, from the top of her soft, shiny brown hair to the tips of her pink leather boots. And don’t get him started on her green, green eyes that held an indelible fire so bright, it was scorching. But a man had to have some standards, and not being murdered by his girl was definitely one of them.

As far back as he could remember, his mom had said that no matter how old he got, he’d always be her baby. Now he understood what that meant. It wasn’t just for her. There were times when men and women needed to be kids again.

Whoever said that words could never hurt you was a flank rank moron! ‘Cause every one of them tore through him and shredded what little ego he had.

It made total sense. His biggest enemy was himself, Kyrian said that all the time.

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    • I adore Nick as well, and I agree him and Ash together is great. I am very curious about how Illusion will play out!

      Thanks for stopping by, Traci 🙂

    • I adore Nick as well, and I agree him and Ash together is great. I am very curious about how Illusion will play out!

      Thanks for stopping by, Traci 🙂

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