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Review: Angel in Armani – Melanie ScottAngel in Armani by Melanie Scott
Series: New York Saints #2
Published by St. Martin's Press on 30 December 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 352
Format: eBook
Source: Kindle Purchase
4 Stars


Sara Charles is striking out on her own. With her dad out of commission, Charles Air has only one helicopter left—and only Sara to fly charters. With the family business in jeopardy, Sara needs all the clients she can get and the newest one is New York Saints team surgeon, Lucas Angelo. When an unexpected flirtation escalates into a night of pure blind passion, Sara is in agony over what she believes was extremely poor judgment on her part. She wants nothing more than to avoid Lucas. And keep her business her business. But she needs him—in more ways than one.


But there is a catch: Lucas also needs Sara. Spring training is upon him, and his schedule is madness. So he asks Sara to be his personal pilot. It’s an offer she can’t refuse. She intends to keep him at arm’s length—especially when she discovers just what different lives they have. Little does Sara know that, for Lucas, the only thing more important than business is pleasure. He only plays to win. And he intends to hit it out of the park…

Angel in Armani is the delightful second instalment in the New York Saints series, in which Sara, the helicopter pilot tries as hard as she can not to fall in love with Dr. Angelo.

My Angel in Armani review:

Between the funny female heli pilot and the hot doctor slash part owner of the New York Saints, Angel in Armani was both fun and hot, and included characters from The Devil in Denim to my pleasure. Sara and her father’s company was having a lot of financial trouble, but one guy wasn’t really going to change that, or was he?

The politics of baseball was on the forefront in Angel in Armani, but the human relationships, and especially the fragile bond between Sara and Lucas had its place as well. Even with their strong attraction to each other, Sara thought he was completely out of her league, and she also didn’t want anyone to think she had become the New York Saints’ pilot because of personal relationships rather than her skill.

As the story progressed, it was easy to see why Lucas always kept so busy, his mom especially was not a woman I’d like to cross paths with. The great friendships between Lucas, Alex and Mal, were well done, and I loved how the other guys had Lucas’ back when it came to Sara. The beginning of Sara and Lucas’ story was fun, because they ended up having to stay in a small motel room together… and then Sara left in the morning before he woke up, taking his rental car to get back to her helicopter.

Written in third person point of view, past tense, Angel in Armani permitted me to get to know both the main characters and the secondary characters quite well. Mixing sports with romance works very well for me, and I can’t wait to finish up this series with Lawless in Leather.

Some of my favorite Angel in Amani quotes:

She perched on one side of the bed and watched as Lucas removed his jacket, undid his bow tie, unbuttoned his collar, and took off his shoes and socks. Which left him in tuxedo pants and a glorious white shirt, tanned feet bare, looking like every female fantasy picture of a male movie star she’d ever seen.

So good. So very very goo. Maybe they could just kiss until sunrise. Kiss like teenagers, lost in discovery.

The guys in the new uniforms varied in age, a couple of them looking painfully young still – all legs and arms and potential.

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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  1. I’d heard of that series before but didn’t give it a second look, I’m not much into sports romances. But what you say about that one makes me want to try, so thanks for sharing, I’m adding it to my list 🙂

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