New Release Review ~ Tamed by the She-Wolf ~ Kristal Hollis

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*I received a free copy of Tamed by the She-Wolf from Harlequin Nocturne via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

New Release Review ~ Tamed by the She-Wolf ~ Kristal HollisTamed by the She-Wolf by Kristal Hollis
Series: Wahyas of Walker's Run #5
Published by Harlequin Nocturne on December 1, 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Author
4 Stars

This she-wolf has sworn off love…

But a true mate trumps all

Ever since her heart was shattered, wolf shifter Angeline O’Brien has guarded her emotions. And her new neighbor, paramilitary operative Lincoln Adams, irritates her nerves like none other. He’s the last man she should trust, but the only one she can’t resist. As sparks fly, Angeline and Lincoln can’t deny that what’s between them is more than passion; it just might be love…


Tamed by the She-Wolf is the fifth installment in KHollis’ Wahyas of Walker’s Run series and a worthy addition. I appreciated getting Angeline’s story and I admired Hollis for incorporating a disability into the story.


  • Main Characters
    I’d met Angeline previously and was more than a little curious about her. She was adamantly against relationships and I wanted to know why. And boy was there a story there! On top of that, she was raised by her dad and two older brothers, having lost her mother early. Because of that, she felt the weight of certain expectations on her shoulders. She didn’t want to disappoint her dad – she felt he’d see her having feelings as a weakness AND she chose a career he wouldn’t approve of – but feared she would and really only wanted his love and validation.
    Lincoln is a Dogman, part of an elite troop of soldiers charged with protecting Wahyas around the world. A recent incident left him missing a leg and being medically discharged. He came to Maico because he’d known the Alpha-in-Waiting and was invited by him. He’d no idea he’d be meeting his “Angel”, the woman whose photo he’s carried with him for years and the woman who’s kept him alive on countless missions. Lincoln grew up in a family that valued competition over love so a career as a Dogman – where you have no contact with family or friends – made sense. But being around Angeline, feeling the mate-bond form, and preparing to return to the field to rescue the wolfing he loves like a son, has him thinking he might just be a family man.
  • Plot
    The way Angeline and Lincoln came together felt genuine and I appreciated how KHollis made it happen. I enjoyed Angeline and Lincoln getting to know one another and how they slowly came to trust each other enough to reveal secrets and vulnerabilities. The suspense elements kept me anxious and I liked how KHollis wove in military elements, such as PTSD, in a way that made sense with her Wahya mythology.
  • Secondary Characters
    Getting to spend time with Brice and Cassie, and Tristan and Nel – even if only briefly – made me happy. I’ve grown to love all the Wahyas of Walker’s Run and I hope to see them again.
  • Romance
    The romance had a slow-burn feel despite the full moon effects and the mate-bond. I appreciated that because Angeline and Lincoln had issues to work through so the slower speed of things moving forward felt natural.


My only real issue was when Lincoln made remarks to Angeline’s dad inferring she had a secret. I know he wanted her to open up to her father but I didn’t appreciate him taking away her choice in when and if to do so.

Overall, Tamed by the She-Wolf was an exciting and heartwarming read. If you haven’t met the wolves (Wahyas) of Walker’s Run, I recommend you do. KHollis has built quite the unique world and populated it with compelling and engaging characters. I hope there are more coming!

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