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Posted 30 December, 2018 by Brandee @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Discussion Posts / 22 Comments

The past few years on my former blog, Bookworm Brandee, I enjoyed doing a “look back at the year” so I asked Lexxie if we could continue the tradition here and to join me in listing favorites. We hope you enjoy reading about some of our favorites and we’d be happy to hear about any of yours!

This post is all about narrators! Honestly, I’m pretty picky when it comes to narrators. Here are my favorites for this year:

  • Neva Navarre ~ A new-to-me narrator, she narrated Over Duet by JA DeRouen and did a fantastic job of embodying the characters and conveying all the emotions!
  • Kirsten Potter ~ KPotter is a favorite of all-time narrator for me and I listened to her narrate from a new-to-me series this year…Darkness Dawns, book #1 in the Immortal Guardians by Dianne Duvall. KPotter ROCKS everything when it comes to narration!
  • Nicole Poole ~ Another of my favorite narrators, NPoole impressed once again as she took me back to the world of the Mageri in The Gift by Dannika Dark.
  • Robert Petkoff ~Yet another of my favorite narrators, RPetkoff sets the bar HIGH with his narration of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, which I continued this year with Dark Desires After Dusk.
  • Andi Arndt ~ Again, I’m listing another of my favorite of all-time narrators. Honestly, if I see Andi Arndt’s name, I grab it because I know it’s going to be worth the listen!
  • Zachary Webber ~ I believe ZWebber was new-to-me this year but he absolutely captivated me in Show Me the Way by AL Jackson.
  • Gary Furlong ~ Another new-to-me narrator, GFurlong made a fan of me with his narration of The Lawrence Browne Affair by Cat Sebastian.


Here are Lexxie’s favorite narrators for 2018:

  • I absolutely loved Luke Daniels narration for the whole Iron Druid series. He has a great way of changing both his voice and his accent, and he made me live the adventures alongside the characters! I’m going to do an audible search for him and possibly find new authors that way 🙂
  • Renée Raudman narrated Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews, and I really enjoyed her. She was a new discovery for me in 2018.
  • Johnathan McClain and all the other narrators for The Illuminae Files – it felt like I was at the movies, that’s how vivid the narration made this whole series for me.
  • Nicole Poole who narrates the Crossbreed series by Dannika Dark also works very well in my opinion. She is good with both male and female voices, plus she as a good array of accents at her disposal.


Do you have a favorite narrator? Have you ever bought a book because you knew the narrator but not the author?


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22 responses to “Favorites of 2018 ~ Narrators

  1. Sophia Rose

    I just discovered Nicole Poole this year and love her stuff. I already enjoy Andi Arndt, Luke Daniels, and Renee Raudman. I’ll have to listen to samples of the others. Always fun to discover great narrators.

  2. Anne

    I love Andi Arndt, and enjoy some of the others. But seriously – STEVE WEST. I also LOVE Gabra Zackman, Simon Vance, Davina Porter, and many others. I do sometimes consider books based on narrator. Of course, there are also narrators who are perfect for a series and I love them – Kathleen Gati, Kevin Free, Karen White, Hilary Huber, Gildart Jackson, Yes we both have other things to do today and I am certainly forgetting some GREAT narrators.

    Tomorrow I will be updating links on challenges for December. I force myself to do it monthly. Anne – Books of My Heart

  3. lornak99

    I love Andi Arndt, Kirsten Potter, Nicole Poole, Sebastian York, Kate Rudd, Amanda Ronconi, Rosalyn Landor, Luke Daniels and many more. I’ve definitely have bought one based on the narrator in particular Sebastian York, Andi Arndt, and Kate Rudd. Fun post!

  4. I have been known to search books by narrator not author!! Great picks you have! My favs are Justine Eyre, Angela Dawe, Sean Crisden, Iggy Toma, Kasha Kensington…. so many

  5. I just started listening to books this year and have been hit or miss with narrators. There re two I really like but I’d have to look at my list to recall them. A good storyteller is key to the book, isn’t it:)

  6. Andi Arndt has long been a favorite of mine. If I see she’s listed as the narrator I automatically know I’m going to enjoy the experience. Raudman is one that just doesn’t work for me for some reason. I tried one of the series by Andrews and unfortunately it was Raudman’s narration that had me deciding not to continue on.

    • Oh that’s too bad about Raudman, Tanya! I can’t even remember who the narrator is, but the one who narrates The Outlander series did the same to me. I read the books, though, so I didn’t miss out on a great story,
      Have you read the series you didn’t enjoy listening to?

      • I’ve read most of the Outlander books but have never heard the audio. I’m curious now. A narrator has such a huge impact on the overall reading/listening experience. No, I never did continue with that Andrews series. I wasn’t bowled over by the story anyway (even without the narration) so I decided to just let it go. I know so many people who are avid fans of Andrews but I guess it just wasn’t for me. 🙂

    • I’m the same way about Arndt, Tanya. Love her! I haven’t listened to Raudman though. There are certainly narrators out there that just don’t do it for me. I’m sure there are stories I would have enjoyed more if I’d read them rather than listened. A risk I guess. 😉

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