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Posted 27 December, 2018 by Brandee @ (un)Conventional Bookworms in Discussion Posts / 9 Comments

The past few years on my former blog, Bookworm Brandee, I enjoyed doing a “look back at the year” and sharing my favorites. So I asked Lexxie if we could continue the tradition here and to join me in listing favorites. WeΒ hope you enjoy reading about some of our favorites and we’d be happy to hear about any of yours!

This post is all about couples! Here are my favorites for this year:

  • Caden and Greyson from CD Reiss’ Edge series
  • Vince and Peyton from Jana Aston’s Good Time
  • Keely and Hound inΒ Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashely
  • Sarah and Roland from Dianne Duvall’s Darkness Dawns
  • Ivan and Marsha from Rock F*ck Club #3 by Michelle Mankin
  • Charlotte (Charlie) and Finn from The Alice Network by Kate Quinn
  • Rex and Rynna in Show Me the Way by AL Jackson.
  • Susan Ee’s Penryn and Raffe from End of Days
  • Kelsey and Jackson in Cora Carmack’s Finding It


Here are Lexxie’s favorite couples for 2018:

LOL, some of these are going to sound like copies from Brandee’s favorites… but it is what it is πŸ˜€

  • Caden and Greyson from CD Reiss The Edge series!
  • Peyton and Vince from Good Time by Jana Aston.
  • Keely and Hound from Wild Like the Wind by Kristen Ashley
  • Phillip and Reese from Breaking Away by Toni Aleo
  • Arthur and Ben from What if It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
  • Cher and Merri from Hold On (The ‘Burg #6) by Kristen Ashley
  • Finnie and Frey from Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) by Kristen Ashley – this whole series had epic couples!
  • Bishop and Brooke from Bishop (Arizona Vengeance #1) by Sawyer Bennett

What couples were your favorites from your 2018 reads? Maybe you have one (or more) we haven’t met yet?




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9 responses to “Favorites of 2018 ~ Couples

  1. lornak99

    I’ll be meeting Vince and Peyton soon as the book is in my tbr. But Sarah and Roland! One of my favorite series and I loved them together. Others you both posted are new to me. Gah! There’s just too many books and not enough time!

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