Blogtour Review: Deep In Death – Colleen Helme

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Blogtour Review: Deep In Death - Colleen Helme

Blogtour Review: Deep In Death – Colleen HelmeDeep in Death by Colleen Helme
Series: A Shelby Nichols Adventure #6
Published by CreateSpace on 22 July 2014
Pages: 281
Format: eARC
Source: Enchantress Design and Promo
4 Stars

Running “errands” for her mob-boss employer, Joey “The Knife” Manetto, often ends with Shelby in trouble, making her cautious about continuing her association with him. Instead, she focuses on a new client who hires Shelby to find her missing mother. What seems like a routine case turns into something more sinister and deadly than she ever imagined. In the meantime, Uncle Joey has summoned Shelby to his office, where she runs into her former nemesis. Shelby inadvertently hears something that makes her fear for the lives of Uncle Joey and his hit-man, Ramos. This time, Uncle Joey is not sure he wants to involve Shelby in something he knows could get her killed. Keeping Shelby’s involvement to a minimum has disastrous results, sending Shelby on a dangerous path. As her investigation unfolds, Shelby finds death at every turn, and soon realizes she is in over her head. Can she escape from danger in time? Or will she find herself deep in death?

*I received a free ARC of Deep in Death from Enchantress of Books Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*

Welcome to my stop on the Deep in Death blogtour! I have my review, a trailer and an international giveaway to share with everyone!

My Deep in Death review:

WOW! Deep in Death is a whirlwind of a story, and Shelby truly has her work cut out for her in this Shelby Nichols Adventure. After a few weeks off from working because she was shot, Shelby is back – but only for a private client. It turns out Tiffany want Shelby’s help on a cold case, since Tiffany’s mom disappeared six years ago without a trace. The best place to start getting help is, of course, at the police station, and Dimples is happy to see her again.

Deep in Death then brings another case to Shelby, a murder case from last week, and then when she stops by Manetto’s office, there is yet something else she feels like she should help with. One thing leads to another, and Shelby is really busy from the get-go. To her chagrin, Manetto wants her to help Kate – the very same one who appeared in Carrots – even if he knows that Shelby can’t stand her.

Lighthearted and fast-paced, Deep in Death is filled with humor even through the dangerous situations. I loved seeing how close Chris and Shelby have gotten once more, it can’t be easy sharing your life with someone who can read your mind, right? But Chris is a real trooper, and of course, the fact that he loves Shelby helps him cope with the mind-reading.

Deep in Death is written in first person point of view from Shelby’s eyes, in past tense. I especially enjoyed her hurt feelings if someone around her was thinking something not nice about her, and at the same time, it made me feel sad for her. I would never want to be able to read anybody’s mind! If you’re looking for a quick read, filled with quirky characters, some fun, lots of excitement, and a little bit of forbidden lust, you should pick up Deep in Death and enjoy the ride.

Deep in Death trailer:

Deep in Death giveaway:

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Colleen Helme - (un)Conventional BookviewsAbout Colleen Helme:

As the author of the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series, Colleen is often asked if Shelby Nichols is her alter-ego. “Definitely,” she says. “Shelby is the epitome of everything I wish I dared to be.” Known for her laugh since she was a kid, Colleen has always tried to find the humor in every situation and continues to enjoy writing about Shelby’s adventures. “I love getting Shelby into trouble…I just don’t always know how to get her out of it!” Colleen lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family. Besides writing, she loves a good book, biking, hiking, and playing board and card games with family and friends. She loves to connect with readers and admits that fans of the series keep her writing.

Author Links:
Website/Blog | Twitter | FB Author Page | Goodreads | Shelby’s Blog

Some of my favorite Deep in Death quotes:

But with all of that going on, I had to wonder about myself. I mean, Uncle Joey was a big, bad mob-boss who had threatened to do me bodily harm, and Ramos was his hit-man. They were the bad guys and I had a soft spot in my heart for them. Was something wrong with me?

With his focus off me, I slumped back in my chair. Always knowing what people thought of me was stressful, and I wondered if maybe I should have take a little more time off to recover. I also had a bad habit of answering unspoken thoughts, and the last thing  needed was for Dimples to figure out I could read minds.

 This case was freaking me out. What had happened in the dead file room I could almost believe was a figment of my imagination. It was creepy down there anyway. 

Thanks for stopping by today, good luck in the giveaway!

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7 responses to “Blogtour Review: Deep In Death – Colleen Helme

  1. Thanks for hosting me today Lexxie! So glad you enjoyed Deep In Death! The first book in the series, CARROTS, is on sale until midnight tonight for .99 if anyone wants to try it out!! Thanks again!

    Colleen Helme recently posted: Coincidence?
    • Deep in Death was a lot of fun, I’m going to have to go back and read all the other books apart from the first one, now 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I like the cover for this book, beautifull colours! It sounds like an interesting book, I’ll have to check out the blurb for the first book. Mindreading dosn’t sound like a power I would want to have, it must be hard to know all the time what’s someone is thinking about you. Great review Lexxie!

  3. This one sounds exciting, Lexxie. And I’m glad it has humor in the mix. I absolutely would NOT want to be able to read people’s minds. While it might be fun sometimes, I don’t know how I’d handle people thinking not nice things about me. 🙂

    Hope all is well in your world, my dear!! Can’t wait to hear about your vacation! **BIG HUGS**

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