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*I received a free copy of Velied Vixen from Science Future Press via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Veiled Vixen ~ KC CrossVelied Vixen by KC Cross
Series: Harem Station #6
Published by Science Future Press on October 21, 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Space Opera
Format: eARC
Source: Author
4 Stars

Valor only wants one thing for his fated princess, Veila.


But it’s kind of hard to kill someone when they have total control over your body. He’s on his way back to Harem Station as her prisoner. Bound to a wall, stripped bare, and only one weapon in his arsenal.

The soulmate bond.

Valor has to make Veila believe that their bond is true, that his feelings are real, and that he is willing to sell out his brothers, take over Harem Station, and leave his old life behind to help her win final war with ALCOR and become the ruling queen.

But it’s never going to happen. Valor will never love Veila. Ever. He’d rather die trying to kill her than spend one moment as her puppet king.

There’s just one problem.

The soulmate bond goes both ways.

Veiled Vixon is book six in the Harem Station series and features an army of pissed-off princesses, five brothers facing their past, a station filled with ruthless outlaws, and a lesson in what matters. It’s a love story about revenge, and hate, and regrets – but also forgiveness, loyalty, family, and having the courage to see the truth behind the veil.

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Veiled Vixen was an adrenaline-pumping read and not because it was action-packed. No, this installment had revelation after revelation which made me question everything I thought I knew about this series.

I know, right? Those revelations made my head spin. But they also made me understand just how little I actually knew, if you know what I mean.

Veiled Vixen is told solely from Valor’s POV, excepting Interludes with a few characters. Do you think this was done intentionally so that we could see Veila, and everything currently going on, from his perspective?

Yes, I definitely think it was so that we could see how Valor picked up on things, and what he thought about everything. And also, so that we could see when he changed his mind about some things he thought were certainties. 

Veila has been a character we’ve all hated on. I mean, she’s nicknamed “The Loathesome One.” But seeing her now and understanding what she’s been through, do you think she’s redeemable? Do you think seeing Veila through Valor’s eyes helps to sway that opinion?

I hated her SO much! And now, darn it, I do think she’s redeemable. Which is something that both awes me and kind of pisses me off. How does Cross do this? I mean, with all the sh*t Veila has been pulling since the very beginning, there shouldn’t be a way for her to be redeemed, but there you go. Valor’s perspective and thoughts on Veila definitely helped with that possible redemption, too in my opinion.

I think she’s redeemable as well and I have mixed feelings about that, too. Veila has been more than horrible. But if it’s due to the things she’s endured, then I feel for her. Plus, I want Valor to have a soulmate that’s worthy of him, you know?

The soulmate bond between Valor and Veila doesn’t work the same way the bond has worked for the other Harem boys and their princesses. Valor seems to have been given more free will. He almost seems to have a choice. Do you believe that it’s because of what had been done to Veila – the weak bond, that is? Or because of the relationship between Valor and Luck? Or is it something we haven’t figured out yet?

It could definitely be because of all that had been done to Veila. It could also be because of what Valor had tried to do to himself, because he didn’t really want any of the princesses to influence him, you know? But knowing Cross’ writing, there is probably something else that we have no idea about yet – that’s just like her. To keep us guessing, but not giving us all the information in order to form a true, educated guess anyway 😉 

The alternate or non-existent memories of some of the characters has me puzzled. I have all sorts of theories running around in my mind but I’m really clueless. Do you think you have it figured out or are you, like me, questioning whether or not you’re intelligent enough to be reading this? 😉 LOL

Haha! I think we’re both intelligent enough to be reading this, wifey. I think, however, that the alternate or non-existent memories of some of the characters are there for a reason. As for figuring anything out, I don’t think that’s even possible at this point. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book, though. Veiled Vixen did share a lot – but most of it might not be all that important to the big picture. Or the overall storyline as it were.

Oh gosh! If Veiled Vixen‘s purpose was just to scramble our minds…well, I’ll give kudos to Cross if that’s the case. But I’m hoping that at least parts of this story have bearing on the overall story.

So we were made privy to a few of ALCOR’s secrets. I’m not going to claim to understand what they mean. I think those revelations only gave me more questions, honestly. And then there was what happened on Mighty Minions station!?! Cross has changed my opinion of ALCOR several times over. Do you feel like you understand what’s going on?

Those revelations made my head spin. Because it appears that someone has a long game that is so long it started before the civilization that is part of the Harem Station universe. I don’t feel like I understand what’s going on – but I think what has me the most intrigued is the role Earth might be important. It has been alluded to more than once, and I just can’t figure out how or why that is.

The war that’s coming between the Akeelians and the Cygnians also has me befuddled. I mean, they need each other to survive in a way, right? So they’re going to war for dominance? Do you think the war could have been avoided? Or was it predetermined?

Don’t you think that is the thing about most wars, though? That some people want dominance so bad they would exterminate someone that might be important for their own future survival? Not thinking far enough ahead? Or maybe they have so much DNA stored somewhere that they could do without the actual people? See – only more questions from me.

I guess that’s true. I don’t understand it but I know you’re right. And you may be correct about one or both the races having enough DNA stored that they don’t need each other. Sigh. I swear this installment has me all topsy-turvy.

And the civil war on Harem Station? Wow! That’s crazy, right? But it has me really questioning why the Harem boys were keeping a harem anyway. And how could some of the Harem boys be deemed innocent whereby those princesses would fight alongside them against the others? And why are Jimmy and Luck so mad at Crux and Serpint? And Valor? Ha! That’s a lot of questions…

That was definitely something that came out of left field for me. And the Harem boys didn’t actually make the decision to find those princesses and keep a harem, now, did they? ALCOR always told them what to do – and they executed his wishes. I have another question about that, too. How did Corla know to send the boys to ALCOR, and where in the hell did she get the coordinates (and everything else) she managed to tell each boy to share with ALCOR? And I can’t answer any of your questions – I only have more for you 😉

That’s right! ALCOR has been running things since the beginning…er, at least the beginning that we’re aware of. Hmm. I never questioned the how with Corla knowing where to send the boys and what information to share. Double hmm. Sheesh! 

I want to say that I really don’t understand Luck’s upset with Valor. If he’d look at things from Valor’s POV, do you think he’d feel differently?

Yeah, Luck appears to not be able to see farther than his own hurt – not realizing how much he has hurt Valor with his past actions. I definitely think Luck might feel differently if he was able to see things from Valor’s perspective. But maybe all of that is a ploy? Maybe Luck needed Valor to stay behind and clean things up so to speak? Maybe Luck knows more than what he’s shared with us?

Gah! I didn’t think of it that way. See what a different perspective can do? 😉 

I don’t know how many more books are left in the series but I’m certainly eager to have ALL the pieces so I can put the complete puzzle together.

I think the next book is the last one, and I wonder how long it’s going to have to be to tidy up all those loose ends. And I’m with you, I’m very eager to get my hands on it, that’s for sure. 

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  1. Ailyn Koay

    sounds like this book is a bomb if you get blown out of the comfort zone! wouldn’t mind starting from first book myself when i get the chance

  2. This sounds like a great series – I love reading books where you find something you have taken for granted then gets upended… Thank you for the review and the conversation, which I really enjoyed:)

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