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*I received a free copy of Johnny from Science Future Press via Author. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased *

Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Johnny ~ JA HussJohnny by JA Huss
Series: Bossy Brothers #3
Published by Science Future Press on September 26, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eARC
Source: Author
5 Stars

She wasn’t supposed to be the princess I wasn’t looking for.

When my father ‘died’ five years ago I took over the ‘family business’. But when I say business, I really mean secret society. Or cult. Or militia. Hell, let’s keep it simple and call it the mob.

It’s just not that mob.

It’s much darker, much dirtier, and much more dangerous than any old everyday mob.

And I was perfectly fine with my role in life for a long time. But now my brothers are involved and I need to get them out.

Enter Megan Machette.

When I found her helpless, nearly-naked, and chained to a wall on an island prison I had no intention of being her Prince Charming. But then I found out she had a dirty, dark, dangerous secret that could solve all my family problems.

I was just going to use her. Play her. Tell her everything she wanted to hear.

I never planned on baring my secrets to her in a midnight confession and I certainly never expected her to see past the dark filth inside my soul and find the man underneath.

But she did.

She wasn’t supposed to be the princess I wasn’t looking for.

But she is.

And now I will do anything—even use her evil secret to take down thousands of people—to save my brothers and get what I want.


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In Johnny, everything became clear. Er…sort of. Well, I understand Johnny better anyway. It was quite a crazy ride. And although I didn’t think it was possible, Johnny became my favorite Bossy brother. 😉

LOL, yeah, we sure did get some answers, but things didn’t exactly get all that clear anyway. I do agree that we got to understand Johnny better, and he actually became my favorite Bossy brother, too. Who would have thought? You and I agreeing like that 😉

I don’t know what I thought was going to happen when Johnny set off on this mission but it wasn’t rescuing a girl left in a dungeon to die. So I was immediately on edge. But I did appreciate how Johnny handled it. How did you feel about that wrench in his plan and how he dealt with it?

Ha! I never would have guessed that, either, Brandee. And I was a little disappointed at first – he seemed to suddenly be so chivalrous. Of course, that did work well, so I quickly got over my tiny disappointment. And I kind of want to ask you: What plan??

I wasn’t sure I trusted Megan but I wanted to. Then I came to trust her but worried it was misplaced. She seemed just as lost and at the mercy of the Way as Johnny. In fact, I thought it was interesting that although neither of them knew all the answers, they were relatively certain about their roles and significance. Maybe that’s why they were so drawn to one another. What did you think about Megan?

I didn’t trust her at first either, and I had the same worries about misplaced trust myself. And I found it very interesting that up until a point, they both thought they were the ‘good guys’. And that they were doing something important within the Way, and in the world.

I was thrilled when Logan made an appearance. Huss did a great job at incorporating him in a way that made it special for those who’ve read In to Her but didn’t leave anyone else lost. Logan’s friendship with Johnny gave me a different perspective on Johnny…a little more insight. How did you feel about Logan’s appearance?

Oh my gosh, you should have seen me jumping in my seat when Logan arrived! I loved that she let us see how he’s doing now. And you’re absolutely right, he did bring a different perspective on Johnny. He had just been the very grumpy and antisocial older brother up until now.

The scene on island #2 was…*gulp*…just…WOW. Shocking? Not only did we get some answers about Megan and the Way but we also got to see a certain side of Johnny. Scary? Telling? I’m not sure of the right word for any of it. Mostly because it could be true – I mean, it is possible. And Johnny? Yeah, I figured he had that in him but still. What was your reaction?

See, you’re starting to buy into the conspiracy theories now, wifey. (And don’t worry – I agree that it could happen!) It was definitely shocking, and it left me once more not having any idea what was going on, or who to root for!

I loved Johnny’s waxing poetic about life and death and love. He was at his most real…his most vulnerable. And I know he had ulterior motives – that being earning Megan’s trust – but it really served to explain the man. I felt like I understood him better. And I guess I’m a sucker for a broken, possibly sociopathic and/or deranged hero that absolutely has redeeming qualities. 😉 What was your opinion?

I loved his file system. I’m pretty sure I have files for stuff in my brain like he does. And that made me feel that he was more relatable, I guess. And he had some very strong views about love, life, death… It was more philosophical than I expected from him, which also made me love him more.

That whole scene back on island #1 – I didn’t see that coming. And although I liked what went down and how it did, it left me with more questions, I think. How did you feel about it?

Do you mean #1 or #3? Because the third island is what totally did me in. And even now, I’m kind of not sure if I can believe what happened there. Because, how can it be true? I was feeling exhausted after that visit, because I kept thinking of different scenarios and what would happen to Johnny and Meghan now.

Island #3…I meant island #3 although I did kinda think it was island #1 again. *sigh*

Okay, last but not least, Nick. Man. I was shocked to say the least. And I knew Huss was tying this series to The Company. But she upped the ante with his cameo. I’ll be on the edge of my seat as the release dates approach for the next books. Oh – I lied about “last” because I also wanted to mention India. She was something else, no? Anyway, I’m more than excited to see how Huss weaves this all together. You?

I was happy-dancing when Nick showed up. And I loved the way he showed up. I can’t wait for the next books in this series, because now, the possibilities are really endless. With Nick, and India, and who knows who else might show up?



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5 responses to “Blogger Wife Chat Review ~ Johnny ~ JA Huss

  1. ailynk

    i would like to be in with the conspirary theory =D this sounds like a really exciting romance/ shoot out

  2. Berls

    Another JA Huss series that I’m out of the loop on! *sigh* I love that she writes to much, but golly I wish I could keep up. This sounds fantastic and your conversation just has me all the more curious. I haven’t done much Huss reading this year, clearly I need to refocus!

    {{{HUGS}}} Miss you both!!

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