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Warning: This book includes mature content such as: sexual content, and/or drug and/or alcohol use, and/or violence.
Blogger Wife Chat Review : In to Her – J.A. HussIn to Her by J. A. Huss
Published by Science Future Press on 19 February 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, Romance, Suspense
Pages: 249
Format: Kindle
Source: Kindle Purchase
4 Stars

How she came to us doesn’t matter.
Why she’s here. Doesn’t matter.
Yvette Nightingale has something we need. We were not meant to be soul mates. We were not meant to be lovers, or friends, or partners looking for answers.
We were just going to use her up, throw her away, and leave her behind.
But we made a mistake. We fell for her. We fell for the way our bodies move as one and the way we come together at night. We fell for her smile, and her eyes, and the soft moans spilling past her lips when we take her together.
We’re in to her.
But will she be in to us once she learns the truth?
A thrilling, sexy trip into the mysterious world of ménage.

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I, for one, thought In to Her was really well done! I felt like my mind was twisted and turned in so many directions I could hardly even believe anything would be OK for the characters!

I felt the same way, Lex. These characters and their stories had my mind going in circles (or triangles? 😉 ) and I was worried.

Huss really has a way with words. And broken characters. And stories that take so many unexpected turns it’s a mind-bend just to try to keep track! What did you think, Brandee?

I was really impressed with this one. AJ, Yvette, and Logan were all broken in some way (or many ways) and despite the circumstances of their coming together, they “fit.” Going in, I thought, “Oh, this story is gonna be like this.” Then things changed. And I thought, “Oh, so Huss is going in this other direction.” Then she threw another curve ball. You’d think I’d know by now not to ever believe I know where Huss is going in a story. 😉


This is what I wrote just after finishing reading : What the hell did I just read? I know Huss is good at complete mindfucks, it’s something I’ve gotten to expect from her, even. With In to Her, though, she took it to a whole other level! I was taken on a rollercoaster of feelings and suspense, plus so much hot erotic encounters I didn’t even know how to continue reading! What were your first feelings?

My thoughts were: Wow! In to Her is erotic with a capital “E”. Maybe even shouty caps. 😉 But if you know me, you know that I require a meaty story with my smexy scenes. And in this story, Huss delivers… with a capital “D”. And maybe shouty caps.


I also found all these characters to be very compelling in their own way. Yvette seemed so carefree at the beginning, don’t you think? Only, then we realize she’s anything but! Logan seemed very sure of himself, and pretty straight forward, and in some ways, he stayed that way. In other ways, not so much. Then, there’s AJ. He was a killer – but he was also very sweet.

Yes, Yvette did come across as carefree – a free spirit. And Logan was all business in his suit and seeming stuffiness. AJ was charming. Dangerously charming, I suppose. They all appeared to have things together. But as we got to really know them, see who they are underneath their veneer, we found brokenness and rough edges. And they each were very compelling. I was riveted.


The way the story unfolded partly with the characters stuck, alone, on top of a mountain during a blizzard made the pace very peculiar in my opinion. We got a lot of extreme hotness, but we also learned a lot about the characters during a short time span. And everything that happened between them was very intense. What do you think?

I think the snowstorm was indicative of how things went with these three. The snow came fast and hard and there was a lot of it. (I’m cracking myself up here using those words to describe the blizzard when they also describe what happened between Yvette, AJ, and Logan!) And there were storms raging inside our characters as well. But they were also the calm in the midst of the blizzard because as they spent more time together, inside each other both figuratively and literally ;), they found that they soothed the inner-storms of each other. I was impressed with Huss’ ability to impart so much character development despite the amount of smoking hot sex these three were having!


As we learned more about their pasts, and how interconnected all three of them were – I really didn’t think any of them would make it off the mountain. What did you think? Especially as AJ seemed to fall for Yvette so quickly?

I was really concerned about how things would work out for them. It seemed as though there was no way out, you know? Of course, nothing went according to my theories. 😉


In to Her was about Yvette first and foremost in some ways. How do you think she became so important? And do you think she could have done anything differently with the situation she found herself in?

Well, she was their target first. But their pasts were intertwined in some ways and we got to know the things she endured, how she felt about them, how she survived them because Logan and AJ were curious. Then we get to she how she ended up in her current situation as a result of her past. I felt for her. And I’m sure she could have done something differently, made a different decision as some point that would have created a different outcome. But I don’t know that it’d have been better.


Yvette had to make some extremely difficult choices in the past. And she had definitely been through hell – more than once! I felt like she really deserved a break – but there was no break in view for her. How did you feel about the way she dealt with all her grief and anguish?

I think I sympathized with her quite a bit. I cannot imagine experiencing any of what she’d endured but it said a lot about her that she survived it all. And yes, she was in a bad place when Logan and AJ strolled into her bar, but still. Her spirit was strong. And I wonder if that’s what her appeal was for Logan and AJ? They’d lived tough lives and had certain feelings about how that impacted who they were. But they’d experienced nothing close to what Yvette had and yet she persevered. That’s an attractive quality, I think.


While Yvette appeared to be at the end of her rope during the beginning of her book, she still had some fight left in her. I really enjoyed that about her. And the unlikely way she came by that fight was very hot. I mean, two strangers come into a bar, start flirting with the barmaid and have a night of extreme erotic passion… *fans self* that was really something, wasn’t it?

Ha! Yes, as I said above, I thought her spirit was pretty amazing. And I loved how she considered Logan and AJ a “gift” that day. They certainly were gifted. *waggles eyebrows* The attraction between these three and the chemistry they had was rather explosive. And HOT! And I’ll repeat myself by saying that I was impressed with the character development Huss managed while they were engaging in such hot and heavy sex. 🙂


Towards the end of In to Her, something big happened. And I was so mad! And at the same time, I still had this tiny sliver of hope that somehow, things might still turn out fine. What did you think about the way that happened?

I wasn’t mad so much as I was sad. I felt like it had to happen that way because there was no other way, you know? I don’t know that I even held out a sliver of hope. I just knew someone would be irreparably damaged.


I think that’s all the questions I have, wifey! I enjoyed this hot, suspenseful romp in the mountains, and I am always amazed at how far Huss takes her characters. It makes for excellent reading, and I my heart still starts beating faster when I think about the whole of In to Her!

I really rather adored this story, wifey. I always enjoy Huss’ stories but there was something different about this one that really took it to another level. And I giggled so hard over Huss’ confession on how this story came to be (in the EoBS). It’ll be interesting to see what she comes up with next. 😉



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  1. Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

    You can always expect multiple curve balls from HUSS! Sounds like Yvette was the most pivotal character in this read! I cannot wait to pick it up!

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